Emaar Hospitality Group Announces the Opening of Veo


Fitness enthusiasts across Dubai are about to get another big boost as Emaar Hospitality Group has just announced the first iterations of its lifestyle gym brand, Veo. The fitness centre, which prides itself on shaping lives through its state-of-the-art facilities and transformational classes, will see three new locations open this year, each designed to integrate seamlessly into the vibrant life of its community. Veo Hayya Lakes is now open, with Veo Manzil in Downtown Dubai, and Veo Meadows Town Center to open later this summer.

Veo is a holistic community focussed on active living, fitness, and personal well-being. It is part of Emaar Hospitality Group’s commitment to fostering vibrant fitness communities passionate about leading healthier lives. Veo offers state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, providing a holistic and enriching lifestyle for all members.

Veo stands out with its community-centric model, personalised fitness programmes, and strategic locations, creating a unique blend of accessibility and innovation for an enriched wellbeing experience. Veo aims to foster physical and mental wellness for every individual to thrive not just in their workouts but in every facet of their lives. Beyond workouts, Veo cultivates connections, transforming fitness into a shared lifestyle and creating an inviting, family-friendly ambience for seasoned pros and aspiring newcomers.

Mark Kirby, Head of Emaar Hospitality Group, expressed his enthusiasm about the expansion saying, “Veo is more than just a place to exercise; it’s a hub for community and wellness. We’re excited to bring our state-of-the-art facilities and tailored fitness programs to more residents across Dubai, enhancing their ability to live healthier, more connected lives. The opening of Veo Hayya Lakes, Veo Manzil, and Veo Meadows Town Center represents a significant step in our efforts to foster accessible wellness environments across the city.”

Each Veo facility offers cutting-edge equipment, modern amenities, and lifestyle services that encourage members to integrate wellness into their everyday routines. The facilities are staffed by professional coaches with industry-recognised certifications, ensuring personalised and effective fitness programs.

Veo Hayya Lakes opened in June. Veo Manzil will open next, in the heart of Downtown Dubai. This location is ideal for urban dwellers seeking to balance the demands of city life with their physical and mental wellbeing. Veo Meadows Town Center will follow later this summer. The location will offer a sophisticated blend of fitness and lifestyle services tailored to meet the needs of its community.

Members can enjoy a range of classes, including Yoga, Pilates, and sound healing. Members will also have access to Tennis and padel courts, as well as a swimming pool through quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly memberships, along with fitness class packages and personal training programs.

Veo is more than just a gym; it is a lifestyle initiative that inspires members to advance their personal wellbeing and unlock their full potential.


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