Dear Readers,

Dubai Chronicle is an independent, privately owned, online only magazine.

Since its first appearance in February 2007, DubaiChronicle.com has grown to become one of the leading online publications in Dubai, across the Emirates and wider Middle East.

Our business philosophy is to build distinguished relationships with our readers, business partners, and staff based on professionalism and trust resulting in returns to all parties involved.

We strive to develop and market high quality, value added, consumer-preferred informational products and services that exceed our clients’ expectations. We meet our objectives by investing in various media related fields that develop our business for the future, based on pre-set core values and principles.

Our Vision

To be the preferred online magazine in the Middle East.

Our Mission

To add value and make a difference to the society, our readers and ourselves.

Our task, as we see it, is to provide our readers with:

  • solid reporting on the news and trends that most directly affect larger business focused audience;
  • original research into critical economic issues;
  • exposure to innovative thinking and entrepreneurial ideas along with the latest innovation and technology developments.

Our design is intended to be as reader-friendly as possible, without compromising the underlying seriousness of the stories. Extensive use of videos, charts, polls and tables helps telegraph the main points. We rely heavily on original photography and sketches to enliven the pages, and to underscore the message that today’s media is a far cry from yesterday’s news makers.


The magazine is read by a wide range of users: from executive positions holders in organizations – public, private and non-profit – of all sizes, in all industries, to a large number of housewives based in Dubai and across the world.


Articles cover a wide variety of forward-looking strategic business issues from expert sources, press releases and reports, exclusive interviews and controversies.

Content aims to provide the regional point of view, and with global expansion continuing, content increasingly highlights practices, developments and individuals from the international scene.

In addition to news, special reports and analyses, regular and occasional departments include life essential topics, such as: Health, Fashion & Style, Education, Culture & Art. The profile section covers corporate and entrepreneur’s profiles, along with famous people from the region. The public opinion is expressed trough Letters from Readers and blog listings.

Authors & Sources

The magazine offers a mix of voices, ranging from professional journalists specializing in business subjects to consultants and authors presenting current thinking and opinions, to executives themselves, offering thoughts on their own experiences.

Social Networks:

Dubai Chronicle distributes content through Twitter and Facebook social networking accounts.

We work hard to maintain quality of service and if you have recommendations, please let us know.

Gergana Mineva
Editor in Chief