Black Friday Deal: Amazon Fire TV + HD Antenna Bundle


To kickstart its Black Friday Sale, Amazon has slashed the prices of its flagship devices to a bare minimum.  Not only that, but it has bundled by convenience some products. 

Now you can buy Amazon Fire TV + HD Antenna Bundle with 30% discount, only for $84.99. Moreover, 1-year Limited Warranty and service is included in the bundle.

Amazon Fire TV combines all the video and audio client subscriptions online in one place – Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, Vevo, Vimeo, Youtube, ShowTime Anytime, SoundCloud and much more. But what do you need this combination of  HD antenna and the  Amazon Fire TV  multimedia center for? This is because local networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and PBS are mostly air broadcasting, which means that in this way you will not need a TV service provider to take them. And all you need will be one antenna and a TV set that can scan channels. Both Amazon Fire TV and the  HD antenna  are two completely separate devices whose combination will let you  to the  access  of the channels broadcasting live from local stations and the live broadcastings provided by the app channels of Fire TV. To use the Fire TV, its black box should be  connected  to your HDTV by HDMI cable and  to the home Wi-Fi as well. And to receive the local broadcast television stations you need to connect your HDTV to the HD antenna by its cable that is included in the bundle.

One of the latest conveniences of Amazon Fire TV is the Alexa Voice Remote, which gives possibilities for voice dialing programs that you want. Through a microphone  built  in the remote controls for selecting programs you can launch apps by saying “Open Netflix,” and play Amazon Video and content from Starz, Showtime, and more with Amazon Channels-just say “Play the movie Ex Machina,” or “Watch Catastrophe.”

It is known that television signals are susceptible to interference from partitions and the distance from the transmitting station, so there is no guarantee that you can watch all major television networks.You must have in mind that the indoor Amazonbasics HD antenna has a receiving radius of about 35 miles.

One of the great advantages of the Fire TV is that it has an Ethernet port and a processor that  works very fast.

The use  of the Amazon Fire TV + HD Antenna Bundle is particularly recommended for people with limited incomes, since there is no need to use any cable operators requiring respectively a monthly tax. The bundle is also perfect for anyone who uses non- smart TV. Because Amazonbasics HD antenna  is omnidirectional, it doesn’t require targeting into any binding direction. However, you must not keep it close to any metal objects or insert it somewhere behind the TV set or close to radiator of the home heating  system. It’s best to attach it to a wall close to a  window at a height above your head, which will ensure receipt of clean signal.


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