Five Things Do to Before Black Friday 2014


There are less than 10 days until the busiest shopping day of the year! The 2014 Black Friday falls on November 28th. Therefore, if you still have not marked the day in your calendar, do it now! In fact, there are few other things you should do before the Black Friday sale, if you want to be well-prepared for you shopping spree.

Check the prices today, to spot the bargain tomorrow – Some retailers decide to take advantage of Black Friday and put words like “sale,” “discount” and “deal” next to every item they sell regardless of whether its price has really been cut down or not. Therefore, if you are not familiar with the regular prices of popular products, do yourself and your budget a favor and research them now. The easiest way to do that is by checking the pricing tendencies on online retail stores, like

Too late to start saving now – Here’s a wake-up call for you – if you have not started to save for your Black Friday budget by now, you are already too late. There is no point in cutting down your expenses at this point. However, there is a way in which you can put some money into your Black Friday fund. No, we are not suggesting that you should rob a bank! Look around you home and think about what you can sell. Look for electronic gadgets you no longer need or use, books, toys and etc. You are not likely to get much for them by trying to sell on in a rush. Still, it will be enough for at least some Black Friday shopping.

Decide – online or in-store – Black Friday is has started to resemble Cyber Monday. Online retailers lineup amazing deals on this day. That is why many shoppers have decided not to be a part of the long queues lined up in front of stores. Instead, they choose to shop from the comfort of their peaceful home through the power of the internet. However, often online deals disappear like a thin air. In-store sales, on the other hand, require a lot of patience, pushing, showing and detailed map of the store. If are planning to take your smartphone and tablet on your in-store Black Friday deals hunt, you may return empty-handed. But whatever you do, avoid trying to juggle these two things.

Find a Companion – If you decide to do all of your Black Friday shopping, make sure you take a friend or a relative with you. In that way, you will have a companion, a second pair of hands to carry products, and a second pair of eyes to search for the best offers.

Set Specific Goals – Do not try to shop on Black Friday without knowing what you want to buy. Make a list of things you want, as well as things you need (often they do not go hand-in-hand). Leave a gap in your budget for two or three extra purchases, because some deals are hard to pass.

Once you do all of these things, you will be officially ready for Black Friday 2014!


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