Update your virtual library on a budget – Kindle books now less than $3.99


If you are an avid reader, then you have probably adopted the hottest trend in this sphere – electronic books. The reason why they have become so popular is simply the fact that they have many advantages. First, they are easy to carry. Second, they are good for the environment, since they are not made of paper. Also, they are faster to produce and distribute. However, the biggest advantage of eBooks is their affordable price. Now, thanks to Amazon’s monthly Kindle books deals, they are even cheaper.

Every month Amazon.com offers huge discounts on the Kindle books editions of some of today’s most popular titles. The price of one book is $3.99 or even much less like $0.99. As you can imagine, this will give you the opportunity to update your virtual library or to stock up with new book titles for months to come.

The best thing about this monthly sale is that includes Kindle books of various genres. From mystery & thrillers, science fiction fantasy to teen books and romance – it is all there!

However, do not assume that the sale includes only unknown authors and boring titles. Quite the contrary – among the discounted books you would easily find many best sellers. One of them is, for instance, Diane Mott Davidson’s The Whole Enchilada, which is classified as a culinary mystery novel. If you are a fan of the so-called chick lit, than you would be thrilled to learn that Kristin Hannah’s Firefly Lane novel is over 80% cheaper this month. As a result, you can order the Kindle edition of the book for less than $3. Those who prefer mystery novels, on the other hand, should not miss the chance to purchase J. R. Rain’s Silent Echo for only $1.99.

Still, if you want to take advantage of the deals, you need to do that by the end of March. On the last day of the month, these offers will expire. Also, make sure you check Amazon’s Kindle books sale next month, because it will be updated with 100 new book titles which will each cost only $3.99 or less.


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