Colour of 2013 in Your Home


What is the Colour of 2013 and How to Incorporate it into Your Home

Jumeirah_Vittaveli_-_Lagoon_Suites-1 Every year, home decorators and interior designers pick a colour of the year. This colour is then used heavily throughout the next 12 months. In 2012, the most popular colour in interior decoration and design was the tangerine tango. It brought lots of freshness, fun, energy and funkiness into many people’s homes and lives. The 2013 also has its colour and it is emerald.

The emerald colour is different from the tangerine tango. It is more relaxing, harmonizing and balancing. Emerald is also one very fresh and vivid shade of green. In addition, this colour of 2013 is often seen in the nature.

There is no doubt about it – emerald is one quite pleasant tone. However, how can you incorporate the colour of 2013 into your home décor? The main thing that you have to know is that you don’t need to make everything in your home emerald. You can just add a few elements and details in that shade of green. In that way you will follow the latest trend in interior design without having to spend a fortune on new furniture and decorations. Here are a few suggestions how to do that.

Some of you may not know what a feature wall is. Therefore, we will now take the time to explain it. A feature wall is singular wall in a room that has the purpose to attract attention. It is something like a main aspect or a focal point of the room. This wall is set apart from all the others by a different colour, wall treatment or a pattern. Therefore, a feature wall is ideal display of the colour of the year. Adding an emerald feature wall will greatly change the atmosphere in any room in your house.

Another way in which you can easily and quickly incorporate emerald into your home is by adding a piece of furniture of that colour. For example, that can be a chair or a cabinet. Also, you can place a small figure in emerald on your mantel piece or at your table.

With accents you can include more emerald in the room. Moreover, you can use more than one shade of the colour. How to do that? It’s very simple. Just place emerald vases, cushions, curtains and other décor accessories here and there. That will change the entire vibe of the room making it really relaxing and peaceful.


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