New Year’s Eve Table Settings


New Year’s decorations are often too colorful, too glittery or with too many balloons, ornaments and garlands. The festive table should not necessary to be over decorated, yet, the table setting should be a nice reminder of the coming of the New Year.

Silver, gold and glitter are the classics in New Year’s Eve decorations, so use them but in the right proportions. Don’t mix more than three colors so your table setting can be elegant and festive at the same time. You can use some left-behind Christmas tree ornaments, clocks, flowers, and all kinds of shiny decorations that you have at home for a wonderful and sparkly New Year’s Eve table setting.


Glitter is a must-have on the New Year’s Eve festive table. You can combine it with every color and it will always look great. Put several tall glittery candles on the table and they will light up the whole room. Buy a bag of glass marbles and scatter them around the table, especially if the tablecloth is in a dark color, or if don’t use a tablecloth at all. They will make the whole table sparkle even if you don’t have many glittery things.


The clock theme is perfect for the New Year party. If you can find painted clock plates they will do a really great job, the New Year’s cake can also be decorated as a clock. The easiest centerpiece will be a vintage wooden clock from your Grandma. If you don’t have clock-like plates, use simple glass plates and lay beneath them clock-like napkins.

White & Silver

Use your best quality China which you probably haven’t used before. Combine with crystal glasses, and of course, silverware. Keep it simple, a white tablecloth, white napkins and silver napkin rings. The white is always very elegant, so little silver accents will be more than enough. You can use a contrasting blue or black centerpiece, or a simple vase with greenery and one or two silver painted brunches inside.

Purple & Silver

Combining dark purple with white and silver is very non-traditional and dramatic. Use a tablecloth in dark, deep purple and wine glasses in the same colour. Add contrasting white simple plates and silverware. Napkins are in the same purple hue, with silver napkin rings. As a centerpiece you can use a large silver bowl filled with all kinds of silver ornaments, from the Christmas tree, for example. Another idea for the centerpiece – a simple flat plate, paired with silver ornaments, can feel elegant and sophisticated.


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