Smart shoppers get advantage on Summer Deals


Retailers from department store giants to discount outlets to furniture showrooms are unloading extra inventory during the summer months as they make room for the important back to school season. Moreover, the ongoing Dubai Summer Surprises is the most popular shopping festival in the Middle East with visitors from all GCC countries flocking to the city’s shopping venues.

Retail operators burdened with merchandise that didn’t sell as consumers hesitated in spending on non compulsory goods, particularly apparel, amid high food prices and an overall dull economy are price cutting in a big way.

Clearance inventory aka Summer Sales just began across the Dubai malls on 22nd of June, with a number of retailers promoting additional offerings on already reduced merchandise. New collections full-price racks continue to be largely unnoticed with the majority of mall traffic huddled in the back of stores searching for the yet-again-unavoidable clearance offerings.

This is just a repetition of every holiday season when merchandise is marked down 50% to 80%.

Window displays at the shopping malls are covered with large red screens announcing even larger SALES. Literary every single shop offers some kind of a discount, including Laura Ashley, Roberto Cavalli, Marks & Spenser, Okaidi, Oasis and all the rest. Apparel and household items are marked down up to 80%, in many cases offered at bellow the cost value.

Why you should get an advantage on the opportunity to stock on apparel and consumer goods now? Here are few good reasons:

1. In Dubai summer collection is always ON, as the climate is hot and sunny all year long.

2. Clothes will not be so cheap next season, neither household items and furniture. The inflation is rising and so is cost of transportation and wages.

3. With the outside temperatures well over 40 Celsius, there is no much option for outdoor pastime. Combining practical shopping with long mall walks could be a pleasurable way of spending time in the air conditioned, luxurious and clean surroundings. The large variety of cafes and eateries in the shopping centres can help keeping the most passionate shoppers for a whole day in.

4. Think about all the casual items you buy anyway and all the time, such as T-shirts, socks, pajamas, towels, etc. Wouldn’t be great to get all of these at Gallery Lafayette or Debenhams at The Dubai Mall with 70% discount?


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