Shoppers enjoy the discounts and entertainment at Deira City Centre as DSF comes to a close


Deira City Centre is continuing to attract shoppers as DSF comes to a close on Feb 28. The shopping mall is witnessing a shopping spree by shoppers on the hunt for last-minute shopping deals and discounts to mark the end of the 15th edition of the Festival.

Manava Gupta, shopping with his wife Mona Gardi and son Vinesh Gupta, said, “My family has been here in Dubai for almost five years, and year after year we look forward to the DSF season. We visit various malls but we prefer shopping here in Deira City Centre because it is complete with all the brands that we want. The entertainment events also bring a festive feel and it makes shopping an enjoyable experience.”

Deira City Centre is one of the earliest shopping malls in the city and still maintains its appeal to younger audiences. Fifteen-year-old Vinesh adds, “Deira City Centre is so easy to roam around. It is not complicated to look for the shops. Unlike other malls that are complex and confusing, Deira City Centre has a layout that is totally shopper-friendly.”

Yolly Svta, a visiting tourist from Russia, said, “I love shopping, and DSF makes me love shopping more. I came here at the best time of the year I think. The discounts are amazing; really gives me good value for my money.” “I’ve seen other malls but Deira City Centre is fantastic. It has all the brands and stores I like. I think I will keep coming to Dubai especially during the DSF season.”

Filipino couple Ansel and Girlie find DSF a perfect time to buy things that they will send to their families and friends in Philippines. They said, “Every year, we send big boxes of goodies to our loved ones in the Philippines. That is why we take advantage of the good discounts during DSF. It is really helpful and practical for us.”


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