Driving in Dubai: Is It Safe to Drive in the UAE?


When it comes to erratic driving, the Middle East is one of the most notorious places to be. So, if you are thinking about driving in Dubai or other cities in the UAE, you may be wondering whether it is safe or not.

Is it safe to drive in Dubai?

Without mincing words, it is relatively safe to drive in UAE. Most of the roads in the city are amazing and well-constructed. So, you don’t have to lose your sleep about the possibility of running into potholes or other elements that may cause accidents.

In addition, the majority of the motorists have adequate knowledge of driving as they have passed the Dubai driving test. This test is the pre-requisite for anyone that wants to drive in any part of the city.

What are some safety concerns for drivers in Dubai?

If you want to drive in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other places in the UAE, there are some safety concerns you should be aware of. Foremost, many of the inner lanes are specifically reserved for the luxury cars that love speeding around the city of Dubai. 

Notably, lots of speeding luxury cars are found in Dubai, so it should not come as a surprise to you when you see a car that is moving at over 200 kmh. Therefore, if you are on the road at the same time with such luxury cars, you need to get out of their lane.

Apart from speeding luxury cars, you may also come across different unmarked speed bumps in various intercity highways in the UAE. If you are not speeding too much, these bumps shouldn’t be a cause of concern for you.

Furthermore, shifting sands may also be an issue on some roads in Dubai and its environs. It is not even strange to see camels walking around some particular areas in Dubai and other cities.

Another issue with driving in Dubai is the pedestrian crossing. Many drivers may not want to slow down when they get to a pedestrian crossing. However, you should avoid learning such erratic driving behavior that could land you in problems in some instances.

How to stay safe while driving in Dubai

Consider the various challenges you may encounter while driving in Dubai, it is essential to the basic things you can do to stay safe in the UAE. Here are some safety measures you should always observe while driving in Dubai:

  • Always maintain a safe distance

Proper maintenance of a safe distance between vehicles can go a long way in keeping you safe on the streets of Dubai. This will enable you and other motorists to have enough space to adjust speed and brake safely during an emergency. It is worthwhile to note that tailgating can lead to severe fines in Dubai.

  • Use hazard lights

If you don’t want to run into people on the streets of Dubai, you must learn to use hazard lights during any emergencies. These lights will warn other road users of any problem or obstruction on the way. As a result of this, they will be able to prepare to brake or slow down accordingly.

  • Observe lane changing

When they want to change lanes, many motorists in the UAE don’t usually utilize the indicators. As a consequence, a motorist may swerve suddenly in front of you without any prior notice. Some of them may even change multiple lanes without using the indicator. So, you should be aware of this challenge.

Once you notice that a motorist is trying to change lanes, don’t hesitate to get out of their ways. Changing lanes without indication and not giving way to other motorists are both offenses in the UAE.

  • Avoid driving in fast lanes

The leftmost part of every road in Dubai is the fastest lane. In general, the fastest lanes are for luxury cars that can push the speed limits to the highest level. So, don’t get in the way of these cars. Just leave the fast lanes for them.

In a nutshell, driving in the UAE is relatively safe. But you should always observe the safety measures highlighted above to stay safe as you drive on the streets of Dubai and other cities.


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