Celebrate The Essence of Giving This Ramadan With LOOTAH Perfumes

  • Treat yourself everyday this Ramadan with LOOTAH Perfumes’ limited edition Ramadan Box containing scents for every moment in the holy month-  for AED 1000 
  •  To celebrate the season of giving, receive the Ramadan Box worth AED 1000 as a gift from LOOTAH when spending AED 1800 at their stores or online at www.lootahperfumes.com. 
  • Explore your local LOOTAH Perfumes store and take a selfie with the Ramadan Box- From May 1st to May 10th, you might just get to go home with the Ramadan Box and make your selfie smile last all season! 

The holy month of Ramadan is right around the corner; and LOOTAH perfumes is capturing the true essence of this blessed season of giving with a special treat for all of you. Introducing the limited edition Ramadan Box from LOOTAH perfumes, with all your favourite aromas packed into one charming box- fill each day of Ramadan with a magical touch only for AED 1000. 

Enchant your friends and family by giving them a special gift to share your gratitude by indulging in LOOTAH’s extensive array of enchanting perfumes, incenses, fragrant oils, and agarwood, available in-store and online- or express the sentiment and value by treating yourself with a luxurious fragrant treasure. 

For those who prefer the liberty of choosing their own beloved fragrances and make the most of LOOTAH’s unique and surreal experience, you can look forward to receiving the perfect gift from LOOTAH in the spirit of Ramadan when you spend AED 1800 during the month and receive  the Ramadan Box as a beautiful token of their gratitude, both at your nearest LOOTAH store, and online at www.lootahperfumes.com. 

Explore your local LOOTAH Perfumes store and capture the magic of the Ramadan Box with a selfie- post it on Instagram and tag www.instagram.com/lootahperfumes– you just might be able to make your smile from the selfie last forever if you win LOOTAH’s beautiful Ramadan Box through the competition- live on their Instagram from May 1st, 2021, to May 10th, 2021! 

You can purchase from LOOTAH’s wideselection of the finest fragrances at www.lootahperfumes.com


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