Exploring Dubai: Red Velvet Latte and Gold Tea


The summer season can be quite tough for some, but you must maintain an upbeat spirit and embark on exploring Dubai. The city changes so quickly that long time residents are no longer “in the know.” And exploring Dubai is not supposed to be just a drive around in your air conditioned vehicle, but rather a chain of short feel good experiences planned around your daily routine. You can merely stop for an authentic espresso on the way to work or call an old friend to meet for a gold tea testing. If you are a fashionista or at least a person who enjoys the good things in life, we have found a cafe just for you.

A unique space in the truest sense of the word, Dubai’s latest concept store BEYOUboutique offers not only a mixture of high fashion, streetwear, art and lifestyle products, but an in-house cafe serving a selection of unusual and luxuriant drinks.

Staying true to the spirit of avant-garde concept boutiques, the BEYOUcafe perfectly complements the vogue and fresh setting of the space. In collaboration with the one and only Expresso Lab and prestigious Emirati tea brand, Qirat, this coffee shop allows easy access to the fashion crowd to relax and shop at their convenient.

With concoctions like The Pink Potion, Red Velvet coffee, and tea infused with gold particles, BEYOUcafe is the perfect spot for a great start to the day or a cozy evening date!

The Pink Potion is made using “Rose petals” and other refreshing ingredients and as exotic as it might sound, the rose is claimed to exert a positive effect on the body, mind, and skin, being used as a health beneficiary since ancient times. A luxury for coffee lovers, the red velvet blend is a smooth delicacy that combines the rich cake flavors into a steaming cup.

The coffee shop also offers special tea mixtures from Qirat tea. The brand is known for providing the best seasonal tea leaves that are planted in the best tea estates from around the world. The ultimate Dubai-like vibe, with splendor and regality in everything in the city, one of the special teas available at BEYOUcafe is the gold tea. Throughout history, tea drinking has been directly attributed to a plethora of health benefits and this beverage only emphasis on the importance.

With its polished marble counters and cool, unconventional setting, the coffee shop in Dubai’s very own concept store turns out to be the perfect touch to the simple, clean mood of the boutique.

BEYOUboutique is located on ground floor in Dar Al Wasl Mall on Al Wasl Road, Dubai.


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