Planning The Perfect Dubai Pool Party


Dubai is about to turn up the heat even more in time for the summer, as it always does. With temperatures soaring to near-unbearable levels, often all we want to do is spend time indoors. But if you’re blessed to have a pool at your home or in your apartment complex, cooling down at a pool party could well be the way to go. Here’s how to plan the very best one.

Settle on a theme

If you’re going all out for a pool or garden party, why not settle on a theme? There are so many ones that you can latch onto, and they give the entire thing direction. Themes can be loose – such as “summer” – or they can be based around a holiday.

However, sometimes the most fun ones are those where you go all out. For example, an “Italian summer” theme could involve guests donning Italian high fashions, and only serving the best in Italian food and drinks. Decorations could turn desert-Dubai into Tuscan hills – there’s plenty that you can do if you put your mind to it. Of course, this isn’t the only idea, so it’s time to dig out the proverbial creative hat!

Consider catering

If people are spending a day around the pool, the chances are their energy levels will deplete. After a day of socialising and perhaps even splashing around, everyone is going to want to eat!

Catering is, of course, one option, depending on your budget. The best caterers gain their reputation through word of mouth, so consider consulting with friends to see which ones you used (especially if you attended their events and remember the food being especially good).

Of course, a caterer isn’t an option for all of us, but that doesn’t need to be a problem. Services like Deliveroo now allow us to order from our favourite restaurants, giving far more options than traditional takeaways. You can even tie in your order to your theme, if you’ve decided on one. You can enjoy a multitude of cuisines from Italian to Greek through to further afield ones like American or Japanese.

Ensure there are plenty of drinks

If you have an alcohol licence, serving alcoholic cocktails in moderation could provide just the refreshments your guests seek! However, even if you’re not a holder of one, drinks do not need to be dull. There are plenty of non-alcoholic cocktail recipes to try out and again, you can even tie these in with the theme.

It’s important to remember that when you’re outside in warm temperatures, hydration becomes even more important. So while drinks that taste good are more fun, water should also be available by the bucketload! Ensure that you have purchased plenty of bottles in advance – if in doubt, add more!

You want to make sure this is an event that people look forward to – and then talk about afterwards – for weeks. Go all out and break up the monotony of days upon days of dry heat.


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