Sesame Launches Delivery for Its Plant Forward Menu


Located in Jumeirah’s trendy fashion and foodie district, flavor meets nourishment in Sesame’s tantalizing dishes that have been carefully prepared with food conscious diners in mind, and now available for takeaway and delivery.

The restaurant has been cooking up a deliciously nutritious world food experience inspired not just by Dubai’s cosmopolitan, multi-cultural vibe; but also by the international dining experiences of its founders, Neha Jamani and Irina Sharma. “Dubai has probably one of the most diverse F&B landscape with many restaurants trying to capture the attention and spending prowess of a densely multi-cultural community. Plant forward, food conscious and world food may seem like fancy catch-phrases to many but there is space for what we offer, and this is what makes Sesame unique and appealing,” said Irina.

Extra ordinary and intriguing – All Day and Delivery Menu

Breakfast at Sesame offers delightful treats that will give guests a filling and nourishing boosting experience, such as the Sesame Omega Porridge, a nutritious and tasty mix of oats, cashew milk, banana, apricot, nut butter and flax seed oil, a homemade spice blend that gives the dish a kick. This filling breakfast booster can be enjoyed both at Sesame and through our newly launched delivery to homes across Dubai, enabling lovers of this tasty concoction to start their mornings on a positive and delightful mood.

Or, guests can try the Sesame Bowl, a delightful mix of quinoa, kale, sweet potatoes, avocado, homemade pickled turnip, garnished with soft-boiled egg and miso ginger dressing – a sure way to start mornings filled with essential nutrients and flavors to perk up any day.

Indulge in out of the ordinary intriguing signature starter, the Nourishing Mineral Broth featuring mixed vegetables, seaweed, spices, ginger and lemongrass; or the now popular Mighty Green Bowl which the kitchen crew put together using superstar ingredients such as kale, broccoli, zucchini, peas, sprouted mung beans, buckwheat and pumpkin seeds held wonderfully together by a special house herb dressing. Another must try from Sesame’s delivery menu is the Chickpea & Beet Chutney sandwich, with generous servings of fresh avocado, sprouts, chickpea, cucumber and homemade beetroot chutney in between perfectly baked cereal breads.

Sesame levels up the culinary adventure with offering guests signature drinks, such as the Tulsi Elixir, a refreshing combo of tulsi, rose, cardamom, basil seeds, lime and honey, or the Black Milk, made of black sesame seeds, banana and honey. Specialized tea and single origin cold brew coffee which takes around 8 hours to prepare are some of the unique drinks on the menu.

Sesame Restaurant’s plant forward dishes are now available for takeaway and delivery exclusively through Deliveroo. All delivery orders will come with a special gift (homemade 5 spice blend, with a recipe of how it can be used) to help familiarise Dubai’s foodies with the plant-forward concept. Also come and try the newly launched Daily Special’s from January 14th.

The saying goes “proof of the pudding is in the eating” so the only way to find out what the excitement is all about is to drop by Sesame at Level 1 of Sunset Mall on Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 3 for your takeaway goodies or call to get your favorite dishes delivered to your homes.


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