2017 Holiday Trends, According to Pinterest


It’s the most wonderful and stressful time of year. From now until the new year, there are endless ways to celebrate. People on Pinterest especially love the holidays, plan early and save more than 750 million holiday ideas every year.

From sparkling make up and tonnes of tulle to Christmas trees made from pineapples: With just seven weeks to go, Pinterest revealed the Top Holiday Trends for 2017

Christmas is still weeks away, but millions of people are already dusting off their favourite holiday recipes and trying to remember where they stashed the ornaments.

But what if you want to try something new this season?

Pinterest is here to help, revealing its 2017 Holiday Trends report of the most popular holiday ideas in food, fashion and home decor.

This year it’s all about glitter, from sparkling ice cubes to balloons dipped in confetti and gold eyeliner.

When it comes to food, Pinterest has found that a number of healthier recipes have been popular among the cooking crowd.

Fun festive recipes sure to be a hit with children are also trending, including lumps of coal made out of LCMs and adorable marshmallow dreidels.

Some are opting to give their holidays a bit of tropical flair when it comes to decorating this year.

If you want to skip the Christmas tree or just want a little more cheer in a small space, opt for a pineapple tree – complete with a few ornaments – instead.

Glitter is also everywhere when it comes to decorations and fashion this year – and thankfully the ideas are wallet-friendly.

Popular Pinterest decoration hacks include DIY glitter tags, made with card stock, and balloons covered in confetti.

And don’t forget to bring some shimmer to your holiday makeup and fashion.

Sequined jackets will keep you shimmering in the night, while tulle skirts will help you stay cool in the summer heat while still staying festive.

Metallic miniskirts are also on trend, as are putting confetti stars in your hair and on your face as part of your makeup routine.

A little (or a lot) of glitter eyeshadow never hurt nobody, but gold eyeliner is a popular way to commit to the trend without fully covering yourself in sparkles.

Pink has surprisingly become the top colour this season, unseating the classic Christmas red.


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