The Christmas dinner tradition is meant to gather family members and friends together. Some times among the guests are distant relatives or even colleagues. Therefore, it is essential to follow certain etiquette rules while on the table. Here are some of the dos and don’ts when it comes to Christmas dinners.


Don’t bring your phone to the table. Either switch it off or leave it in a different room. Otherwise you may be tempted to send a text or check your email.

Don’t tuck your napkin in your collar. If you are afraid that you may mess up your outfit with food, place the napkin on your lap and never in your collar. You are not a child! In addition, keep you elbows off the table and maintain a good posture. In that way you would not only look better, but you would also be less likely to spill food on yourself.

Don’t drink too much. A few drinks can easily cheer you up and get you in a holiday mood. However, you should always have a limit or you risk making a fool of yourself or even falling asleep on the table.

Don’t talk with your mouth full. This is not the most beautiful sight to see. In addition, don’t make any loud noises when you eat and don’t lick your fingers. If you decide to use a toothpick, elegantly cover your mouth with a hand.

Don’t start before your host and don’t criticize the food. Your host has spent a lot of time preparing the dinner and it is important to respect his/her efforts.


Do compliment the host. Say what you like about the food, the decorations or even the home of the person who invited you. In addition, make sure you thank them for the invitation and the wonderful dinner before you leave. You can also make a toast. It can address not only the host, but also the chef or the holiday in general. However, don’t make it long and tiresome.

Do excuse yourself when you need to get up from the table or leave the room. But don’t make it in a too loud voice. You don’t need to attract all the attention on the table.

Do hold your knives and forks properly. This means to hold them by the handles in the palms of your hands. Remember to place your forefinger on top and your thumb underneath.

Do offer to help. Ask your host if he/she need any help in the kitchen or while serving. Also, when dinner is over, offer to give a hand in the cleaning up. If your host refuses your help, don’t push them or try to change their mind. That can quickly turn you from polite to impertinent.

Of course, these rules and tips apply for more formal Christmas dinners. However, don’t be afraid to use them when you dine with your family or friends.


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