Staying healthy and fit when you live in the heart of the city is quite challenging today. It’s easy to skip meals, or pick up some pizza and fries when you are swallowed up in the bustle of the city. And it is nearly impossible to get enough exercise, moving from one place to another in cars, public transportation, and elevators. It’s getting even worse, when the stress from work mixes up with the poor amount of sleep. However, following our few practical tips, you should be able to find balance and stay healthy even in an urban landscape.

Getting regular physical activity is essential not only for your looks, but for your health, too. It keeps your organs, muscles and brain in a great shape and lifts your mood. But with so much work to be done, family to take care of, and tons of other responsibilities to handle, exercise is easily left out of the priorities. Jogging every morning in the neighborhood is also out of the question – the streets are full of people and cars travelling to work.

The great thing about big and fast-evolving cities like Dubai is that there are fitness and yoga centers on every corner and food outlets are offering healthy or vegetarian meals. Both options at a price, of course! Healthier lifestyle has become a fashion, so all you need to do is a little research in your neighborhood. There will be at least two or three fitness centers, pools, yoga, Pilates or boxing classes, pools – just pick up what you like. Dance classes or Zumba is also a great choice, because they will keep you physically active while having fun. Swimming is the best solution in Dubai.

9th Dubai International Swimming Championship 2012

What you eat on a daily basis is also crucial in remaining vital and strong. Most people in the city skip the breakfast altogether, resort to burgers and high-fat fast food meals, and overeat at dinner time. When regular meals are not an option, try snacking on nuts, fruits and raw veggies, and have healthy smoothies, tea, and fresh juice. This will give you fuel during the day, while at the same time it will provide you with essential vitamins, minerals, protein and other nutrients.


The other thing you need to stay healthy, vital and productive is the good night’s sleep. Sleep restores the mind and body and without it, we simply cannot function. It helps the brain sort out the information it gained during the day and to store it accordingly. While we dream, we cope with unsolved problems, while the body is resting and our skin is rejuvenated. If you wake up and don’t feel recharged and ready for the new challenges ahead, you probably don’t get enough quality sleep. In this case, try to go to bed early and avoid TV and computers at least an hour before that. Short daytime naps are also an alternative – nap for half an hour during lunch break to feel energized and ready for work.

If you stick to these three rules and make them every-day habits, you will certainly improve your health, look, and even performance at work. The only thing left is to enjoy life as much as you can – meet with your friends every week, add a pinch of cinnamon to your morning coffee, and laugh even at the silly jokes.


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