Annual Oscars Luncheon – Top Five Moments



Like every year, Oscar nominees gathered at the Academy Awards luncheon to warm up for the upcoming ceremony. All nominated Hollywood talents meet, greet, dine and take a few snaps together – this is what the event is basically about. However, the efforts and the preparation behind it are also award-winning. Here are some of the most interesting moments and facts about the star-studded event.

Red Carpet Rehearsal

The Oscars lunch is not a black tie event. Instead, nominees are required to dress in a semi-formal style. This, however, does not mean that their outfits are not carefully photographed and discussed by the press and fashionistas around the world. The most talked-about personas on the red carpet were the nominees for Best Leading Actress – Rosamund Pike, Marion Cotilard, Felicity Jones, Reese Witherspoon and Julian Moore. White was definitely the most popular colour. Patricia Arquette, Rosamund Pike and Reese Witherspoon all wore white dresses. Emma Stone, on the other hand, could have won an award for the strangest fashion choice. The young actress showed up dresses in a polka dot skirt and a striped jumper.

Speed Course on Acceptance Speeches

Giving an acceptance speech at the Oscars is certainly an emotional experience. The Academy Awards luncheon also showed that giving a speech at the ceremony is also quite complicated. So complicated, that Hollywood talents received tips and a list of dos and don’ts to follow when and if they give their acceptance speeches. The producers of the Oscars, Neil Meron and Craig Zadan advised celebrities to prepare “persona, funny and heartfelt” speeches and to avoid making them longer than 45 seconds. In addition to that, the nominees were asked not to read any lists.

Fish was a the Hottest Dish

The luncheon offered a rich menu of sophisticated dishes. However, the biggest hit among the Oscar nominees was the Cedar Planked Arctic Charr with Lemon Vermouth Beurre Blanc Sauce, a.k.a. trout.

Who Sat Where

Part of the luncheon’s idea is for celebrities to socialize and establish a friendly sentiment among the competition. That is why, media representatives were more than curious to see who will be seated with who during the evening. Oprah Winfrey, producer or Best Picture nominee “Selma,” sat in the company of Damien Chazella who is nominated in the category  Adapted Screenplay for “Whiplash.” Best Leading Actor nominee, Bradley Cooper, was on the same table as musician Common whose song “Glory” (from “Selma”) is nominated for Best Original Song. Keep your eye on Felicity Jones, because the Best Leading Actress nominee sat next to the former Academy Awards president Walter Mirisch.

All Nominees Will Win

All Academy Awards nominees will win! Traditionally, after the ceremony, those who have lost in the Oscar race get a bag of free goodies. Shortly before the luncheon, it was revealed that this year’s gift bag will feature products from nearly 60 brands. Among the items in each of them will be pricey jewelry, fine art, fine wine, travel vouchers and many more. In addition, there will be a number of health-focused products, like herbal tea lollipops, activity trackers, protein bars and even a bag of healthy popcorn. Nevertheless, 2015 Oscar lsoers will be disappointed to learn that every gift bag will be valued at just $80,000, which is half the value of the 2005 gift bags.


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