Craving Japanese Flavours? Chez Sushi is More Than Just Sushi!


Craving Japanese Flavours? Chez Sushi is MoreThan Just Sushi!

One of Dubai’s most exciting things to explore is the food – abundance and variety of flavors, spices, and smells from every corner of the world. And if you’ve ever had an urge for an authentic Japanese food, you’ll know a place or two where the food, the surroundings, and the atmosphere are truly amazing. But Chez Sushi,  relatively new to the jungle of restaurants and cafes in Dubai, offers authentic, fun and simply exceptional sushi experience.

Head to Dubai Marina or Wasl Square, where you’ll find the two bustling Chez Sushi restaurants. In fact, wouldn’t it be nice to order online salmon sashimi, delicious vegetable rolls, or just a bento set, for it to arrive at your doorstep moments later? The restaurant offers fast delivery across Dubai, and your meal will arrive just as fresh and yummy as if you’re having a Japanese chef at home. But with so many restaurants in Dubai offering similar service, they have something unique that makes them really stand out; Chez Sushi has developed an innovative, customer-oriented strategy – customized sushi! Diners can choose the ingredients, garnish, add some dressing, and Chez Sushi makes it happen!  It seems nearly impossible to meet each and every customer’s taste or untraditional request, but they really offer customers to “Roll Your Own” Japanese delicacies.

The “Let’s Roll” brand logo has apparently turned into Chez Sushi’s most successful advertisement and marketing move. It is designed for everyone – you can create your sushi rolls for a dinner with the family, or you can design the whole menu for your private or corporate party. The restaurant will take care of the catering,and you’ll have a hearty Japanese meal fast, easy and conveniently. It’s a concept that puts you in charge, a concept we love, and a concept that is definitely winning.

With large-scale franchise plans now announced for the brand, Chez Sushi owners are working towards opening another 10 food outlets; not just in Dubai, but across the UAE. “Just a year into the operation of our first two UAE locations, Chez Sushi is delivering a unique proposition – a restaurant brand developed in the Emirates which meets the demands of customers who want fresh, high-quality sushi either in their own homes or offices, or our contemporary surroundings,” said RaedDabbous, co-founder of Chez Sushi.

The restaurant was foundedby businessduo; an entrepreneur, and a former Nobu kitchen staff and restaurant concept designer. It’s part of the Sho Cho management company, who also own  twoSho Cho outlets, two seafood restaurants namedFlooka, and the Mexican diner Loca. The group is expanding, and it will probably see even further growth in the future. The demand for sustainable, healthy food in the United Arab Emirates is increasing, as people start to realize how essential it is for their health. Indeed, we all know the UAE holds one of the first places for obesity and diabetes rates. A few hours weekly in the gym won’t help much, but healthy lifestyle and balanced eating and high quality food are important factors.

There are many eateries and bar & grilles in Dubai, but only few are truly worth visiting. At Chez Sushi, you will taste real Japanese food, in addition to the amazing option to create your own meal. And most of all, you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

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