Sheila and Abaya fashion show in Dubai this summer


Ladies from the Gulf shouldn’t miss the catwalk display that will showcase pieces from the Sheila and Abaya market at the Dubai Mall this summer.

Running from July 8th to July 11th, the fashion show promises “stunning designs and beautiful creations”.

This is one of the signature events of this year’s Dubai Summer Surprises and the aim is to give both amateur and professional designers from the region the chance to show off their creations.

Running from June 17th until August 7th, Dubai Summer Surprises promises to offer a wide range of activities for visitors to the city to enjoy.

As well as the fashion-focused events, there are also food competitions and performances giving a “fascinating insight into the age-old UAE Bedouin, marine and mountain traditions”.

Exhibitions and concerts are also planned as part of this year’s programme, offering something for everyone who is visiting Dubai.


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