ETA-Star Retail brings original Copper Chimney restaurant to UAE


First branch to open at the Meadow’s Town Centre

ETA-Star Retail and the Copper Chimney Group have signed an agreement to open Copper Chimney, the popular Indian restaurant at the Meadow’s Town Centre in Dubai later this year.

Present at the signing were Ishwar Chugani, Executive Director, ETA-Star Retail Group and Sunil Kapur, Chairman of the Copper Chimney Group.

Commenting on the new venture, Chugani said, “ETA-Star Retail is confident that the opening of The Original Copper Chimney Restaurant in the U.A.E. will be welcomed by all lovers of traditional and authentic Indian Cuisine. “

L-R_Sunil Kapur, Chairman of the Copper Chimney Group and Ishwar Chugani, Executive Director, ETA-Star Retail GroupEstablished in 1972, Copper Chimney has been Mumbai’s foremost culinary landmark for over three decades. Well known in the industry for being one of the first to introduce the show kitchen with a tandoor clay oven, the group’s award winning team of professionals strives to set new industry standards and benchmarks in Indian cuisine and hospitality.

“Copper Chimney stays true to India’s most loved flavours and has retained its originality and novelty since it opened way back in the 70’s. We look forward to partnering with ETA-Star Retail in introducing this iconic restaurant’s legacy into the UAE, “said Kapur.

Copper Chimney serves authentic cuisine from the North West Frontier Province and Punjab. The menu includes an array of original and specialised dishes crafted by some of the most talented Indian Chefs. Diners can enjoy the sumptuous meals that include robust charcoal grilled kebabs, simmering pots of delectable curries, exotic Indian brands and earthy black dhal.

About ETA-STAR Retail Group:

ETA-STAR Retail Group ( ) is the Retail arm of the US$ 5 Billion ETA-ASCON STAR Group ( )

ETA-STAR Retail own and operates Giordano, Giordano Junior, Barista Espresso Cafe, Zyng Asian Grill, Barrio Fiesta Restaurant, Picantina Mexican Kitchen, and Copper Chimney Indian Restaurant across the region.

ETA-STAR Retail is the Authorized Franchisee of the Original Copper Chimney Restaurant in Dubai, U.A.E.


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