Armani/ristorante Retains Coveted Michelin Star

  • The signature Italian spot stands alongside 14 restaurants that have been recognised by the gourmet guide in 2023.
  • Serving up exquisite Italian cuisine, Armani/Ristorante exhibits the pinnacle of culinary excellence in the heart of Dubai.

Armani/Ristorante, the renowned Italian dining destination nestled within the iconic Armani Hotel Dubai, proudly announces the retention of its prestigious Michelin star. The esteemed recognition comes as the culinary jewel remains a prominent fixture among the city’s gastronomic scene, offering an exceptional blend of modern Italian cuisine and impeccable service. 

Announced on 23rd May 2023, Armani/Ristorante proudly retains its place amongst the ranks of 14 distinguished restaurants that have been awarded with star status, up from the 11 restaurants recognised in June of last year. 

The rating is awarded following a series of anonymous visits by Michelin inspectors, that aim to identify culinary excellence and the highest standards of quality. Dubai continues to be a hotbed of culinary excellence and is one the 41 cities to feature in the guide in 2023.  

Star criteria cover quality of ingredients, cooking mastery, flavour harmony, the personality of the chef reflected in their cuisine and consistency over time as well as across the full menu offering. 

Armani/Ristorante’s continues to serve as a culinary destination of choice for discerning foodies, where guests can indulge in a truly extraordinary dining experience that embodies the essence of Italian cuisine with its exquisite flavours and unparalleled ambience. 

Pinnacle of Culinary Success: Armani/ristorante Retains Coveted Michelin Star

The Michelin Guide is a prestigious French gourmet guidebook, first published in 1900, that evaluates and awards Michelin stars to outstanding restaurants worldwide. It serves as a trusted authority in the culinary industry, recognising establishments for their exceptional quality, innovation, and culinary expertise. 


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