Dubai Skyline – Most Photogenic Worldwide


There are many beautiful city skylines around the world, but which of them can claim to be the most photogenic?

To find out which city skylines as the most popular, researchers at TonerGiant have analyzed more than 7,500 photos posted by Instagram users in the UK and around the world, and the study shows that Dubai has the most photogenic skyline and Bordeaux has the least photogenic skyline in the world!

Key findings: 

  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates has the most popular skyline on Instagram making it the most photogenic in the world with the highest average number of likes per photo (362 likes). 
  • Germany’s capital Berlin ranked as the second most popular skyline on Instagram with an average of 297 likes. 
  • In close third place in Miami, the USA with an average of 273 likes per photo on Instagram. 
  • Bordeaux, France ranked as the most unpopular skyline on Instagram with a low average of only 41 likes per photo.

Top 10 cities with the most beautiful skylines in the world 

  • Looking at cities worldwide, we found that images with the hashtag ‘Dubaiskyline’ have the highest average number of likes per photo. Berlin comes in second place (297 likes) and Miami in third (273 likes).
  • The famous NYC skyline comes in 7th place, with photos of the skyscrapers of the Big Apple averaging only 125 likes.
1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 362 likes per photo
Known for luxury shopping, gorgeous beaches, and all-year-round sunshine, Dubai also has some of the most impressive modern architecture in the world. Home to the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, as well as, the Cayan Tower, the Burj Al Arab, and Atlantis, The Palm, it’s no wonder Instagram users can’t enough of this breath-taking skyline!
2. Berlin, Germany – 297 likes per photo 
3. Miami, USA – 273 likes per photo 
4. Rome, Italy – 194 likes per photo

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5. Milan, Italy – 138 likes per photo
Ranking City skyline

The average number of likes per photo

6 Athens 135
7 NewYork 125
8 Prague 124
9 Strasbourg 121
10 Vienna 120
The world’s least popular skylines on Instagram 
  • Images with the hashtag ‘Bordeauxskyline’ have the least likes per picture on average (41 likes), closely followed by Tel Aviv (42 likes) and Marrakech (53 likes).

1. Bordeaux, France – 41 likes per photo

2. Tel Aviv, Israel – 42 likes per photo

3. Marrakech, Morocco – 53 likes per photo

4. Istanbul, Turkey – 62 likes per photo

5. Paris, France – 67 likes per photo

Ranking City skyline

The average number of likes per photo

6 Florence 71
7 Copenhagen 86
8 Stockholm 94
9 Chicago 104
10 Amsterdam 108


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