A Fairy Tale Wedding in Dubai is Not Complete without a Rolls Royce


Wedding is a magical day marking the beginning of a remarkable journey ahead for the two people who have chosen each other. It is the start of a shared adventure which deserves to be celebrated with a bang!

Why Dubai?

There are many places to choose from for a beautiful and memorable wedding ceremony; nevertheless, some really stand out. Just imagine how gorgeous your wedding will be if you have it at a place of eternal summer and sunshine. One of the most ideal places for a wedding ceremony is Dubai: the azure sea, sandy beaches, excellent weather and amazingly picturesque landscapes of the city make a heavenly background for the union of hearts.

Dubai is a city that can rightfully be called a real masterpiece: colorful palaces dazzling with its splendor, amazing skyscrapers, wonderful singing fountains, restaurants with all sorts of exquisite cuisines.

The appeal of the wedding in Dubai lies in the unity of contrast: the futuristic hi-tech ultra-modern looks, oriental ‘personality’, a vivid combination of West and East, the original traditions of the past and the novelties of our time. All this gives the cosmopolitan city a special quality and provides a lot of opportunities to fulfil one’s hopes.
Whatever Your Heart Desires

The variety of places and activities in Dubai is impressive: there are oases in the desert, pristine beaches, camel riding, swimming with dolphins, parachuting, boat trips, opportunity to rent a high-end car of your dreams (Rolls Royce rental in Dubai is available at Renty.ae), there is also a large selection of nightly entertainment that includes numerous clubs, restaurants, cafes and many more things to consider. Dubai has everything necessary to arrange an absolutely unforgettable and romantic wedding ceremony alongside with a breathtaking photo shoot: a favorable climate with warm sunny weather throughout the year, uniquely beautiful nature, impressive architecture and friendly people.

A wedding ceremony itself is usually held in a classic European style under a fragrant floral arch with a magnificent background, however, it is possible to arrange it in Arabic, Chinese or even Indian style. The organizers of wedding celebrations will help to arrange a dream ceremony in the preferred theme.

Legal Constrictions

If a couple plans to get married legally in Dubai, they should be prepared to face a number of difficulties. Registration of marriage takes place in a special court. Moreover, at least one party to the marriage contract (husband, wife or wife’s guardian) should have a residence visa in the UAE. In other emirates, both bride and groom must be UAE residents. Also a document confirming that none of the wed-to-be is married will be required for the legal procedure. In case of prior marriages of the future spouses, divorce certificate is necessary. If the bride is Muslim, there is a need for her father’s written permission. In addition to the above, a number of special medical certificates will be required. If the bride converted to Islam, then this fact must be confirmed by an appropriate document. In the event that any of the future spouses is a widow(er), a death certificate must be provided.

A guardian or a representative of the bride must be present at the official ceremony, or a power of attorney must be issued for the representative (in Arabic). One more rule to remember: two Muslim men must be present at the time of registration as witnesses. The guardian must officially give his consent to the marriage, and only after that the couple will be married.

An Alternative

Since the official ceremony is complicated by lots of red tape and religious stipulations, many foreign to the UAE couples prefer to register their marriage in the home-country and to have the symbolic wedding ceremony with the reception in Dubai. We all know and understand that any wedding requires a huge amount of planning, time and effort. There are many things to consider and select: a venue, staff, festive menu, agree on a guest list and send out invitations, find the perfect photographer, choose music for the event, etc.

Not everyone likes to do such things or is up to the task in general, that is why many couples-to-be-married choose professional help who will take care of everything. No wonder, they want to relax and have fun and, most importantly, they deserve to have an enjoyable start to ‘the rest of their lives’.

Booking plane tickets and hotel rooms is better to do several months prior to the event. Having chosen a wedding planner, you need to contact the company in advance, specifying the details of your wedding ceremony. The best time of the year to travel is October-May, because during these months the wedding rush subsides.

Of course, a destination wedding does not allow you to invite a lot of guests due to the tiring flights, high ticket prices and sometimes a fear of flying can turn into a serious obstacle for some relatives and friends. Therefore, such a wedding is perfect for those who want to celebrate the long-awaited event being surrounded by the closest and dearest people.

How Much Does a Dream Wedding Cost?

A wedding ceremony in Dubai is not as expensive as it might seem at first: the cost of a classical ceremony will be around 1,000$; an Arabic-style wedding will cost you from 1,500$; a celebration on a yacht or on the beach with dinner will cost at least 2,500$. Bare in mind, the more complicated and elaborate the wedding is, the higher the cost of organizing it will be accordingly. The number of additional services also affects the final price of the event. Airplane tickets, hotel accommodation and visas are not included.

It’s all about your choices: if you want to celebrate the official birth of your union in a place where East meets West, where modern technology is intertwined with cultural traditions, Dubai should definitely be at the top of your list. This city allows you to fulfill the wildest dreams: from being surrounded by the peaceful and almighty sands to experiencing pure luxury onboard of a high-end yacht. Whatever theme you choose for your celebration, remember to hire a professional wedding planner: it is crucial in a foreign country if you would like the festivities to go smoothly and on the highest level.

Good luck to all the happy couples! May your wedding be the beginning of your life-long fairy tale!


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