Christmas Gifts for Unexpected Guests


During the festive season we are all so busy with choosing Christmas gifts, sending greeting cards, preparing for the Christmas brunch. But have you ever found yourself in a really funny and embarrassing situation when unexpected guests arrive? It is better to be prepared with a few little gifts than to wonder what to do.

The key is to buy something little, that one of your family members would like to have, so the item will be useful in any case. There is always a chance that someone unexpected will knock on the door. So keep some generic Christmas present on hand. It is appropriate and a question of good manners to give that person a gift, although it is almost certain that this person would not expect you to. To avoid such awkward moments and panicking in the last minute always buy, or make them yourself, some extra items.

Aromatic candles or little hand-made soaps

These are a good idea, because they are durable, cheap, and very beautiful. Just make sure they are in the Christmas colours – red, green, silver or white. You can also use them to stuff stockings with them. They are a universal gift – everybody likes them, they are never needed but always cherished when gifts. Just wrap them in some festive paper and decorate them with a ribbon and you are ready to go.

A calendar of the upcoming year

Get a nice desk calendar with beautiful winter pictures. It would make a good gift for anyone, and if no unexpected guest arrive you will have a new beautiful calendar.

Home baked gifts

Christmas 3It is really nice and lovely to give these as presents. Every home is full of cakes, cookies and pies at Christmas time. Just put some cookies in a decorative tin and wrap it. If no one comes you can always eat them. You can also store herbed oils or vinegars, ciders and home-made crafts, and even nuts, candies or fruit popcorn and make them into little gift baskets with ribbons or other decoration.


Buy a Christmas comedy suitable for the entire family so that you do not have to worry if the gift is appropriate or not. There are a lot of Christmas themed movies so you will have many options. You can replace the DVD with a Christmas music CD. Everyone should have at least one in their CD collection. And, also if you do not give it this year, keep it – it will still be a good present next year.

Puzzles, kaleidoscopes and colouring books

These are perfect for the children – they will occupy their attention for a long time. In fact, some puzzles are not for kids, they are designed especially for adults. Gifts like these are always useful – if there are no children around you will discover how entertaining kaleidoscopes or three dimensional puzzles actually are.


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