How to Make Christmas Gift Giving More Fun


Christmas is many people’s favourite holiday not only because of the bright and lavish celebrations, but also because of the tradition of gift exchanging. It is always enjoyable to surprise someone dear with a special present. But did you know that there are ways in which you can make gift-giving even more fun than it already is? Turning gift giving into a game can really win you some points as a party host. Here are a few gift exchange games that will add up to the pleasant holiday experience.


Cobweb Gift Party

This is actually a tradition that dates back to the Victorian era. If you decide to organize a cobweb gift party you will need a spare room and yarns in different colours. Take the presents of the players and tie yarns to their ends. However, make sure that the colour of the yarns are different for each of the participants. Then take the other end of the yarn and start unwinding it across the room. Trail it down the floor, under and over the furniture. After that every player has to follow their yarn and pass through the “cobweb” in order to get to it.

Rotating Present Box

This is one very interesting idea and it requires a number of friends who live far from one another and a box. In this gift-giving game one of the friends takes a box and puts small and symbolic presents for the other participants. Then the person adds a note in which he/she addresses the rest of the group. The box is then sent to the second friend who also does the same thing and sends it to the next player. In that way the gift box rotates among all of the friends until it returns back to the first participant.

Gift Game for Kids

Children often get moody when some of their friends receives a better present than them. Therefore, it is important to consider this if you are planning to organize a kids’ Christmas party. A good solution of the problem is to give the gifts in a random way. For example, organize the children in a circle and play some Xmas tune. Then give a present to each of kids and tell them to start rotating the packages. After a minute or two, stop the music. Children will get the presents which they are holding in that moment.

Gift exchanging games are always very fun and enjoyable. They are an easy way to break the ice at you Christmas party or spice up the present tradition.


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