Rovaniemi – The Home of Christmas



Rovaniemi is the official hometown of Santa Claus and the capital and commercial center of Finland’s northernmost province Lapland. It is lying at the junction of North and South on the border to the Arctic Circle. Besides being the home of every child’s favorite it is also attractive and famous with the fact that there are eight different seasons this far north, each one of them having its own type of daylight, temperature and unique natural phenomena. Spending the Christmas holiday in Rovaniemi is always exceptional and memorable.

Christmas time in Rovaniemi is the time of twilight. During midwinter or twilight, light is provided only by the moon and the stars and, of course, the Northern Lights. A gentle light covers the snow in the very cold winter.  The Santa Claus Village is located about 8 km northeast of Rovaniemi and includes attractions like:

The Arctic Circle – It is a white line cutting right through the Santa Claus Village. Officially you enter the Arctic Area when you cross the line. The Arctic Circle is very popular photo spot for tourists

Santa Claus Office – it is located inside the main building of the village. Visitors can take photographs and even directly speak to Santa (only in the “office hour”  – the time in which Santa is available)

Santa Claus Post Office – you can choose from a variety of Christmas cards, stamps and unique gifts. You have also a chance to write to your family and friends from there. There are the cheerful Postal Elves who will post your greetings for you

Christmas Exhibition – the display of traditional Christmas habits and customs from all over the world takes place in the Christmas House. You can watch historical Christmas films or enjoy the rare collections of Christmas decorations.

Santa Park – never ending entertainment for your children in the series of underground caves

Other interesting activities are provided at the Arctic Circle Husky Park, the Arctic Circle Snowmobile Park, the Arctice, the Poroajelut Ari Korkko (reindeer sleigh rides) and so on. The stores in the Santa Claus Village are open every day, offering local handcrafts, different gifts and top Finnish design products. You can also taste Lappish traditional food or exquisite meals from international cuisine.


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