When it comes to holiday shopping, most of us usually start with getting Christmas gifts for our family members and then for our friends. But you can also brighten your co-workers’ day with some little Christmas gifts showing your appreciation and friendship. Follow our suggestions for best presents for colleagues and you will be able to choose some affordable, yet nice items you can gift this season.

If you like some of the items recommended below, please click on the images or the links to purchase them right away.

Desk Organizers

desk organizerDesk organizers, pencil cups and holders are the most practical and useful things you can get for your colleagues. With prices ranging from less than $2 to tens of dollars, you have a lot of choices here. Choose some interesting design such as movie- or celebrity-themed pencil holders, multitask desktop organizers, and so on. The desktop organizer featured on the left is available for $14 here.

Fruit Baskets

fruit basketFruit baskets are always appreciated in the office – fill them with dried fruits, nuts, cheese, chocolate, caramel, or crunchy treats, pretzels, peanut brittles, as well as coffee and tea packs. And it’s not about the quantity here – choose a little basket and not so pricy, especially if you are giving everyone a little something. During the holiday season many food and beverages retailers offer Christmas-themed hampers as well. you can order from a large variety online here from $25.

Lunch Boxes

Infuser Water BottleLunch boxes are also perfect gifts for your co-workers – you can choose from cheaper polypropylene lunch boxes to bigger lunch bags with cooling departments or elegant lunch totes for your lady colleagues. Some of the best items on the market right now are the various branded stainless steel lunch jars, but they are more expensive – $30 to $50. Eco-friendly stainless steel and aluminum water bottles are also a great choice.

We recommend the Infuser water bottle on the left and if you like it you can get it here for $10.90.

Desk Toys

Bullshit ButtonThe options here are endless – staplers, USB cables, metallic or plastic world globes, mouse pads, Newton’s cradles, ooze tubes, Rubik cubes, and many, many others. Personalized coffee mugs, calendars, calculators, and all kinds of office supplies will be also much appreciated. The silent statement button featured on the right is inexpensive and you can get it here for $8 only.

Gift Cards

Amazon Gift CardThis is the easiest gift you can find for your office co-workers. Choose printable or even better, electronic gift cards that can be sent via e-mail or even Facebook.

Amazon’s gift cards, featured on the left, for instance will never expire and are redeemable towards literally millions of items on the website.


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