Christmas is the most loved of holidays when everyone receives something, so we have to choose a present that stands out. The seemingly simple task of selecting a Christmas gift for a woman often confuses and terrifies men. But if you follow up on our Christmas gift suggestions, you should be able to choose the best present for her, the one that she will cherish and remember for years to come.

Chantecler Anima Collection By ISTANATo choose the right gift requires more than your credit card and a trip to the mall, or a shopping spree at Amazon’s Jewelry Section. Your best present for her should state what she means to you and how well you know her, no matter whether she is your mother, sister, wife or a close friend of yours. Neither the cost, nor the functionality really matter – what does matter is to find something that will fit her personality. So, show her she is special and deserves your best efforts.

In this article you will find a few suggestions from the hearth on the best presents for her and if you like it, click on the images or the links to purchase it.

For the Busy, Modern Woman

Apple iPad 3She is busy and she is always on the go – going to school, the office, business meetings, coffee with friends, on a shopping spree…And she certainly needs to stay in touch with the world and do all her tasks with one device. Get her a tablet! Choose some of the newly released – Fire Tablets, Apple’s iPad Pro or Microsoft’s Surface.

For the Fashion-Conscious Woman

michael-kors-top-level-image-f15Clothing or shoes are too risky to try. Instead, a nice handbag or a fashionable watch, complimenting her style will be great. Michael Kors items are particularly popular. We recommend classic designer bags in earthy tones or brighter reds, as well as oversized black timepieces made out of leather. A nice, elegant piece of jewelry is always appreciated. Just be careful with her personal style.

Gift Cards

Giftcard from Bloomingdales with hotstampAlthough, it seems common suggestion at first, gift cards are very convenient and will offer her the freedom to choose her gift. A spa gift card, for instance will show your appreciation and gratitude for her hard work. And now she deserves relaxation and some pampering spa and beauty procedures.

Amazon’s gift cards on the other hand are even an easier solution – a $100 or $1000 gift card will allow her to buy a designer item she covets.

Jewelry Box or Stylish Home Décor Items

KitchenAidMixer1Women love to be surrounded by beautiful, stylish things at home. A painting or a more affordable print work, silverware gifts, designer cushions, coffee tables, candles… the choices are endless. Jewelry boxes are another top score gift.

51H8x07Fd7L._SX351_BO1,204,203,200_Hobby-Related Gifts

If you know her really well, choose something she can use for her hobby – gardening gifts and tools, yoga & fitness accessories, books (The Best of 2015), or anything she will love to use every day. Choose something practical and useful and she will be glad you have thought about her free time.

Of course, after getting the best present for her, wrap it beautifully and add a few of her favourite flowers. A box of chocolates will also work. And if she is hosting the Christmas party, a bottle of nice, old wine is a must-give.


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