Most Popular Digital Downloads Platforms


Over the past years, a greater number of consumers opened up to streaming services. This naturally led to the questions – Do digital downloads platforms have a future, or are digital downloads platforms the future of entertainment? Although we are more connected to the web than ever before, Wi-Fi and mobile Internet are neither free, nor everywhere. Digitally downloaded products like music, movies, eBooks, software, apps or video games, on the other hand, do not require fast web connection and with smartphones, tablets and wearables they can be enjoyed everywhere. Therefore, digital downloads platforms are very much worth your time and attention. In fact, such services seem to constantly increase and improve. Smart consumers are already regulars at the most popular stores for digital content downloads.

Best for Music

There are many online retailers that sell music albums, singles or even entire discographies in their digital form. Some even offer digital and physical copies side by side.

iTunes Store

When the iTunes Store initially opened, it was friendly only to users who rely on Apple devices, like iPods, iPads and iPhones, However, today, the platform welcomes all consumers. While it is still easier to sync iTunes with your Apple gadgets, the store has become a top choice for many other people, since it has one of the biggest digital music libraries.

Amazon Digital Music

The best alternative to the iTunes Store is definitely Amazon Digital Music.

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Apart from offering a huge music collection, it automatically sends consumers’ digital downloads to the cloud. In that way, even if they erase them accidentally, they will be able to download them again for free. Again, thanks to Amazon Digital Music is also connected to the company’s Cloud Player, enabling users to stream their favourite tracks.


Even though Spotify is mainly known as a music streaming service, it also has an offline mode. That puts Spotify into the same category as the iTunes Store and Amazon Digital Music. Nevertheless, although the platform offers thousands of songs, that is almost nothing compared to the catalogue of other digital music download stores.


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