Most Popular Digital Downloads Platforms



The library of this service covers millions of songs. That is not surprising given the fact that Rhapsody acquired one of the most popular stores for digital music from the past Napster. Another advantage of Rhapsody is that it also offers DRM-free music in mp3 audio format.

Others – 7digital and eMusic are also top choices when it comes to downloading digital music from the web. 7digital’s charm is that it offers downloads only in their highest quality. eMusic, on the other hand, impresses when it comes to its collection of indie music.

Best for Movies and TV Series

Services like Netflix, YouTube and Hulu are very popular among movie and TV fans. However, they have one major flaw – they do not allow users to download films or TV shows to their hard drive. Luckily, there are other platforms that encourage digital downloading. Some of them even offer streaming as well!

Amazon Instant Video

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This is one of the newest platforms in this category, yet in many cases it excels its competition. As a start, Amazon Instant Video consumers can choose whether to download or stream a movie or a TV show. In addition, if they are Amazon Prime members, they get access to exclusive content and entire TV series available only on Amazon Instant Video. The service is also a top choice for Fire users, since it is well integrated into all of Amazon’s devices.


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