Most Popular Digital Downloads Platforms



Apart from music, iTunes also offers movies and TV series to its users. The choices are many and users can easily find newly-released films that they can download from the platform.

Google Play

Google Play’s movie section is still not available in many countries. Also, the service does not allow Apple users to download content from their devices, but rather to import their own files. In addition, unlike iTunes, Google Play does not give access to DVD extras, for instance.

Best for eBooks

Kindle eBooks

This is not the only eBook service offered by Amazon, but it is the most popular one. Readers often prefer Kindle eBooks over other digital download platforms because prices there are more affordable and the selection is more than massive.


If, however, you are a die-hard Apple fan, you might enjoy iBooks more. It is easy to access from an iPad, Mac or iPhone. Just like Kindle eBooks, iBooks offers some classic titles for free.

Barnes & Noble’s Nook eBook Store

The Nook eBook Store is a platform developed by published Barnes & Noble. That is why it offers great selection of electronic books – more than 30 million. Unlike the previous two platforms, this one focuses almost entirely on eBooks. That is why it take more time when it comes to generating recommendations, reviews or reading lists.


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