Most Popular Digital Downloads Platforms


Best for Video Games

When it comes to downloading digital copies of video games, you should first consider the platform you are using. For instance, if you are an Xbox fan, the best option for you would be either Microsoft’s Xbox Store or its Microsoft Store. If, however, you prefer PlayStation, your first stop, should be Sony’s PlayStation Store. Nevertheless, there are many other platforms that offer digital downloads for video games for various consoles. Amazon’s Digital Games store is one example for that. Apart fro713eoOR-C3L._SL1500_m Xbox and PlayStation titles, it also sells games for PCs and Macs. GameStop is another store that is worth checking out. It specializes in video games and it is the biggest retailer in this field.

Best for Apps

The case with apps downloads is quite similar to that of video games – it all depends on the mobile platform you are relying. iOS users have Apple’s App Store, Android fans – Google Play and Windows Phone owners – Microsoft’s Windows Phone Store. Amazon’s Appstore is a more universal option although it is confined only to Android and Fire OS devices.

As you can see, there are platforms for each type of digital downloads. and Apple’s iTunes, however, are the most diverse of them, allowing consumers to find almost all types of digital content on a single place.


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