2015 Interior Trends – In Between Modern and Classic


People who are planning to redecorate their homes in 2015 will have some hard times for sure. That is because the top interior design trends for the next year will be either too modern or too classic. This means that unless you are a professional in the sphere, you might end up with a Frankenstein home décor. The good news is that apart from outlining the hottest 2015 interior trends , we will also help you mix them like a pro with a few borrowed ideas from here!

Retro is Back

The retro style in interior design will make a comeback. If we have to specify the trendiest period, we would point to the 1950s. That usually means either a bright and inviting atmosphere or neutral-coloured classy spaces. Although the colour of 2015 fits in neither of these two categories, it combines perfectly with either of them.

Bedroom Interiors

One of the most classic furniture pieces, the love seat, will also regain its old-day popularity. It will particularly suitable for the bedroom, since it usually comes in plush and its adds a feeling of luxury and sophistication.

For the living room, however, you might look for something dressed in leather. Regardless if you pick a leather sofa, leather chairs or even leather table, you will bring a past decade back to your home. Still, the good thing about leather furniture pieces is that they are both quite sophisticated and timeless.

Burj Khalifa Living Dinning

Modern Goes Futuristic

Michael Aram Gold Tone Rock Side TableIn 2015, modern interior styles will be almost futuristic. As a start, kitchen designs will focus around electronic devices. The need for hiding all the appliances will go missing and interior designers will almost try to show them off. Nevertheless, there will also be some classic elements that will lurk in this room like wooden floors that are combined with matching cabinets.

But the most futuristic room will be the bathroom. They will include more neutral colours and they will come in very simplistic and minimalistic design.
As for the hottest modern-inspired piece of furniture, transparent tables and chair will definitely be a big hit. While they are not as comfortable as the classic love seat or the leather sofa, they are a great addition to small living spaces, especially in the big city.

How to Combine Classic with Modern?

This is a very tricky situation. Of course, the easiest thing you can do is to simply pick one style, retro or futuristic, and stick to it. However, the 2015 interior trends will demand it for you to use your imagination and mix these two opposites. Here are a few rules you should always follow when it comes to combining modern with classic décor:

Pick a dominating style – Don’t try to balance the styles. Just select one and use the second to diversify the main atmosphere. For instance, classic sofa with modern cushions.

One colour – Even if you select one dominating style, you might not achieve the desired effect. Play it safe by relying on one main colour.

Unifying elements – To unify a room’s design don’t use only its colour, but also other elements like a general theme, pattern, texture and etc.

Last, but not least, when you decorate your home in 2015, make sure you use natural materials. Try to stay away from polyester and plastic and go with more natural choices like cotton, wood, linen, ceramics and stones. Bringing the outdoors indoor will be another popular interior design tendency next year.


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