Color of 2015 Revealed


Jean Paul Gaultier Print Tulle BoleroWhat the color of 2015 will be, and how did the Pantone Color Institute come up with the unique name of it?

Marsala! Color specialists have chosen the color of 2015, a rich reddish brown they say will define consumers’ mood in the coming year.

Vintage-y, earthy and hinting at the dregs of a bottle of wine, the shade will pair well with the ’70s fashions hitting store shelves. The trendy tone is coming out in clothes, handbags, cosmetics and couch pillows.

Jean Paul Gaultier Floral Tiered Mesh Midi Skirt“It has an organic and a sophisticated air,” says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute in the U.S.

If that brings to mind farm-to-table cuisine, bushy-but-coiffed beards and urban dwellers’ growing obsession with farm life, that is exactly the cultural phenomenon that the creative world will embrace. The color has a “folkloric” essence and it is already well received from shoppers looking for bags and wallets.

Pantone forecasts the most popular colors ascending in décor, fashion and graphic design each December. The announcement has a cult-like following among designers and retailers looking for lightning rods for the coming year’s sales. The pieces featured in this article are from Jean Paul Gaultier collection.


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