Weekend Inspiration: Foodie Trends You Must Try at Least Once


You might be surprised to learn that, just like fashion, food also comes in trends and tendencies. Well, not all of them are healthy or, as a matter of fact, tasty. However, some of the latest foodie trends are so delicious that they deserved to be called must-tries. Here are some of the most tasty of them, which are particularly worth a bite.

Ice Cream SandwichesIce Cream Sandwiches

Forget about donuts and cupcakes. Ice cream sandwiches are the new thing. Although they have been on the market for quite a while, they have now started to come in more forms, tastes and even colours. They are no longer reserved only for kids. Grownups love them too!

Gluten-Free FoodGluten-Free Food

This trend has started to include even Italian dishes, which are traditionally rich in gluten, like pasta. This means that you can finally allow yourself to enjoy some of your favourite meals without having to count the calories. Many professional chefs have already adopted a 100% gluten-free cooking style. Therefore, you can soon expect it in the restaurants near you.

Sushi_1Sustainable Seafood

The sustainable trend is now moving into the world of culinary wonders, more specifically, seafood. What is special about sustainable seafood is that it is farmed or caught in such a ways that it does not affect the environment or the existence of the species. In other words, it preserves nature, animals and it keeps your tummy happy at the same time. Even though sustainable seafood was quite popular over the last couple of years, in 2014 it will finally go mainstream and reach more people. It will not be limited only to seafood restaurants and it would expand to include even fast-food facilities.

Artisans unveil new Spring/Summer Chocolate Collection for 2011 - 2Healthy Chocolate

It is a well-known fact that dark chocolate can have a positive effect to our health. For instance, it can lower people’s blood pressure. Let’s not forget the fact that it is one of the best natural mood boosters. However, it has now become healthier. That is because scientists have found a way to produce chocolates which are made entirely of cocoa. Unlike most dark chocolates, which have only 70% cocoa, this new dessert offers the complete 100% package. Nevertheless, it is cannot be really called a sweet temptation, since it contains no sugar or milk. Still, it has just 72 calories.


Coconuts are characterized with their slightly sweet taste. Despite that, many companies have started to produce coconut oil in attempt to replace olive oil. Surprisingly, this strategy seems to be working. Although this oil is not something unusual for the South Asian region, the rest of the world finds it really exotic and trendy. Coconut water is also gaining popularity. It makes a great companion during hot and long days. The best thing about coconut is that it improves metabolism and it is really healthy for the heart.

Use the weekend to try out at least two of these new foodie trends. Treat yourself with this pleasure and you will not regret it.


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