Gluten-Free Foods Online Shopping


Gluten-free eating is gaining popularity around the world, but it doesn’t necessarily get cheaper. While one in 100 people globally suffers from celiac disease, shopping for gluten-free foods is not an easy task. However, there’s a smarter and much easier way to go gluten-free – getting everything online.

When Amazon launched its Grocery & Gourmet Food store, people could not imagine shopping their breakfast at what started as a book store. But today, the website, which is also known for offering the best prices off and online, has one of the best collections of food products, packaged foods, gourmet treats and specialty foods, including gluten-free essentials for those unlucky to be intolerant to gluten. And while the condition isn’t really deadly, it is extremely unpleasant and leads to very serious complications. Doctors estimate that approximately 1 in 10 globally suffers from celiac disease and in the U.S., this means between 2.5 and 3 million people. And the only treatment known to be effective is life-long adherence to gluten-free diet.


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