Upcoming Customer Service Trends for 2014


There is a widespread belief that customer service is doomed to take a turn for the worse. The truth, however, is that accurate customer services allow a brand to stand out. As a result, one of the main priorities of companies now is to offer better customer services. Over the last decade, this sphere has also been influenced by the many new technological innovations.

But what would be consumer expectations in 2014? Let us examine the upcoming customer service trends.


Today, consumes often communicate with brands through automated tools. Among them are, for instance, social media sites, the web, and kiosks. In addition, the majority of people share that they prefer to solve customer problems with the help of a computer device than with a real person. One of the main reasons for this is that this process is much faster. The demand for self-service will greatly increase in 2014.

Proactive Support

Thanks to technology again, brands will not wait for their clients to contact them. Companies will act even before a problem has occurred. However, they will keep in close contact with their customers on daily basis. That will mainly happen through social websites. There will also be companies who will routinely call their clients to remind them about issues etc.

Technological Domination

Technology already plays a huge role in customer services. However, in 2014 things will be even bigger, faster and better. Products ordered online will be shipped faster to pretty much every spot in the world. Services will become even more personalized thanks to the combination of social media, mobile devices, big data and the cloud. This means that costumers will be actually able to customize the product they want and have them delivered in the very same day.

The Comeback of the Premium Service

Before and during the global recession, average saving rates registered a drop. Now, they are back on the rise. This will increase consumers’ desires for premium services. Customers will be attracted by services which are more effective and they will be less concerned with their price. Simply said, people will be finally willing to pay an extra for a better service.

Customers Have a Voice and They Cannot Stop Using It

The rise of online communication gave customers a voice. In 2014, they will be happy to use it constantly. However, this will make it very hard for companies to follow up the customer feedback they receive. In addition, because customers are more likely to share complaints than compliments, brands will need to find a way to catch up with the tempo. Why? Because happy clients and quick customers communication is a winning marketing strategy.

It seems, customers will enjoy more benefits in 2014 than ever before. Brands, on the other hand, will need to respond faster if they want to keep up with their clients’ rising demands.


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