Apple Launches iTunes Radio along with New iTunes



Today is an eventful day for Apple users. They will get to update their mobile operating system to iOS 7 and enjoy a brand new version of iTunes. Along with these improvements, the technology company will also release iTunes Radio.

MX iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App StoreThe music streaming service is now available with the latest iTunes version, 11.1. Also, it is added to iOS 7. Both of them can be downloaded from Apple’s official website.

iTunes Radio Basics

What you should know about iTunes Radio is that is it quite similar to another music-streaming platform – Pandora. Through it you can listen to more than 250 stations created by DJs. Also, you can easily browse them by genre.

However, the best function of iTunes Radio is that you can make your own personal station. That will not take much of your time, since the service will only need you to add one song or an artist. Once you do that, iTunes Radio will select songs and artists similar to the ones you have chosen.

Also, your stations will be automatically stored on iCloud. This means that you will be actually able to access and listen to them across all of your Apple devices without having to sync them. That is a quite useful and timesaving feature.

iTunes Radio does not require a paid subscription. You can enjoy it for free. However, users who do not subscribe will be shown various ads on the platform. In contrast, the paid subscription will eliminate all ads. It comes at a price of $25 per year.

For now, iTunes Radio is available only in the U.S. Hopefully, Apple will soon release it in more countries.

Other New iTunes Features

iTunes Radio is not the only new feature of iTunes 11.1. The service now impresses with a few more interesting features that deserve a special mention.

Among them is Genius Shuffle. This function shuffles the songs, but it does it in a smart way. That is because it will play songs that go well together. Simply put, it will pick songs that are similar. Genius Shuffle will take the place of iTunes DJ. It was taken off from iTunes 11 after Apple introduced its Up Next function.

The sync function has also been improved. The iOS 7 Sync feature has a better user interface for application management. It shows a number of home screens, which make file transferring easier.

To download the latest version of iTunes and enjoy new features like iTunes Radio, just visit Apple’s website. It should be noted that iTunes 11.1 is available not only for Mac and iOS users, but also for Windows users.


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