Superman and Batman to Join Forces on the Big Screen



Two of MArvel greatest superheroes are about to reunite on the silver screen. Batman and Superman will co-star in a massive film production, which is expected to hit the theatres in two years.

The news came from “Man of Steel” director Zack Snyder. At this year’s edition of ComicCon in San Diego, Snyder discussed the success of his Superman blockbuster which was released not long ago.

The director announced that he will make a sequel of “Man of Steel” and it will feature one big surprise – Batman. However, Snyder did not share other details on the characters or on the plot of film. According to him, the script is still not completed. Nevertheless, it is known that the Dark Knight will not simply be featured in the production, but that he will actually co-star in it.

Fans of the two superheroes got even more thrilled when Warner Bros. confirmed the information. In fact, the company shared that it has the ambition to create a number of such films which will also use the basis of “Man of Steel.” From Warner Bros. added that there are plans for a Justice League movie for the distant future.

There are many questions about the Batman-Superman film. For instance, it is not clear who will take the role of the Dark Knight. Christian Bale, who portrayed the hero in the last few Batman movies, has stated a number of times that he does not want to play this character in future productions. In addition, it will be interesting to see whether Christopher Nolan, Dark Knight director and “Man of Steel” producer will join the team behind the movie.

This will be the first time in which Batman and Superman meet on the big screen. However, the two characters were united a number of times in comic books, like Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns published in the 1980s.

The production of the film is predicted to start in 2014, which means that the film may be ready by the summer of 2015.


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