Promising Real Estate Markets for Investors


Although, the real estate markets of a number of countries across the world are modestly recovering from the global financial crisis, various industry forecasts predict that the struggle is not yet over. However, there are also positive prognoses every now and then. One thing seems obvious, the trends in the world’s economy have become harder to pin point. That is why investors are more precautious than ever. If you are considering a property investment, but the market outlook does not seem promising in your home country, then you should probably look for an opportunity abroad. There are some property markets which hold a hidden and not so hidden potential.


Presently Turkey is one of the most attractive real estate markets for investors not only in Europe, but in the entire world too. That is mainly because the country is not part of the Eurozone, which has been unstable lately. In addition, Turkey has lifted the prohibition of ownership for people from foreign countries. Moreover, it is even offering some great incentives for investors from abroad.

Hong Kong and Singapore

If you prefer and can afford to invest in the Asian real estate market, you may be disappointed to learn that now is not the right moment. The prices are too high and they show no sign of slowing down. However, there are two slight exceptions – Hong Kong and Singapore. Although the two markets are often referred to as luxury property markets, they were the only ones in the continent to register a price decrease this year. However, those who are interested in investing in Singapore and Hong Kong are advised to act swiftly before the tables turn.

Bulgaria and Croatia

Croatia became member of the European Union literary just a few hours ago. Bulgaria, on the other hand, joined the EU during the 2007 big enlargement of the union. Although the two countries are among the newest in the European Union they attract various foreign investors. That is mainly due to the fact that they enjoy large financing from the European Union which transform and diversify the local real estate market.

Bulgaria is the cheapest country for tourists in Europe, although much preferred destination. At present, the country is torn by political unrest and property prices are at their bottom levels. Travel and tourism-related projects are particularly interesting to foreign investors. The conditions for obtaining a citizenship are very much favorable for immigrants and opening a business is still a low cost venture in comparison to the rest of the EU member states.


The economy if this country demonstrates a slow growth. However, that is definitely not the case on its real estate market. That can be explained with the number of structural economic reform made by the Mexican government. Thanks to them both the residential and the commercial property markets in the Latin American country have started to revive. In addition, Mexico is now receiving a record amount of capital after the introduction of Real Estate Investment Trust in the Country.

So if you are looking for a good way to make some money, try investing in these promising real estate markets.


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