Decorating rented home? Here is what you need to know



Decorating rented house or apartment is not the same as decorating your own place. However, this does not mean that you should not try to make it feel and look like a true home. Even if you are not planning to stick around for long, you can still bring freshness and add your personality to the rooms really easily.

Major or Small Home Improvements

The first thing you need to consider when decorating rented home is whether you plan to make a huge makeover or just some cosmetic improvements. That will allow you to calculate your budget, as well as the time you will need to spend on your interiors decorating project.

Talk with The Landlord

It is really important to discuss the matter with your landlord. He or she may not give you a permission to make any major changes to their property. In fact, this is the most common case when it comes to decorating rented home. You also need to let your landlord know all of your plans for changes. You should not omit even the smallest details like hanging pictures on the walls, for example. The reason is that some landlords are not happy to see holes from nails on their walls.


Portable or Cheap

When it comes to bigger decorative items like furniture, wardrobes, tables and etc., you should better choose between two options – portable or cheap. That will enable you to easily move out of the house or the apartment when you decide to. Portable decorative elemnts can be quickly transported to a new place. The cheap ones are those which you can leave behind without actually feeling like you have thrown away a small fortune.


Small Changes for Big Results

When decorating rented home, there is really no point in changing everything. It is better if you make small imrovements here and there that will have a big impact on the home’s interior. There are many ways in which you can do that. For instance, you can paint the walls or put wallpapers on them. Also, you can place artwork, plants and various other statement pieces here and there.


Although temporary, your rented house or apartment will be your home for a while. Therefore, you should add some pieces that will reflect you and your way of life. Those can be personal photos, books, souvenirs from travels and all the things in which you see yourself.

Your rented home stands for a phase in your life. Don’t allow this phase to be characterized with dozens of boxes scattered around it and grey walls. Turn them into a memory worth preserving.


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