Your Own Home Designer Few Clicks Away


Today home design and decorating often come hand in hand with technology. Various software programs are currently offered on the market promising to help you in your design project. However, most of these products are either too expensive or too complicated to use.

Fortunately, software developer Chief Architect has created a number of great alternatives. The company is behind the popular architectural home and design software Home Designer 2014 which was developed for both enthusiasts and professionals.

Now Home Designer 2014 titles are available on for 20% off. The products can be either downloaded directly on a computers or ordered as a CD-ROM. In addition, they can be used on devices which run on Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP.

If you are a professional in the sphere, you can purchase Home Designer Architectural 2014 for $159.99 and save $40. The program comes with advanced tools that will help you plan and design homes, interiors, decks or to remodel and landscape.

 Interior designers and decorators, on the other hand, may prefer to go with Home Designer Interiors 2014. The software is focused mainly on interior designing and it has advanced features and tools for planning kitchens and baths. If you order it today, you will save $16 and pay less than $64.

Architecture and interior enthusiasts will find the Essentials edition of Home Designer 2014 very useful. That is because it will offer you the entire package with only its basic tools. The price of that is just $47.99.

Are you planning to redecorate and redesign your outdoor living space? Then you should try Home Designer Landscape and Decks 2014 . It comes with advanced tools for outdoor areas, as well as some for remodeling and home designing. This product will cost you barely $63.99.

Last but not least is Home Designer Suite 2014. Similar to the Architectural and Essentials versions, this one supports all the main tools. However, it was developed for users who are somewhere between enthusiasts and professionals. To get it, you will need to spare $79.99.

Hurry up and order now while Amazon’s Software Downloads deals of week is still on!


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