Colour Psychology and How to Use it in Interior Design


The study of colour psychology is rather new and it still remains unfamiliar even to some interior designers. However, there are more scientific proves that suggest the strong connection between a room’s colours and the feelings of the people who are in it. Moreover, colours are now known to affect not only our mental state, but also our physical one. For example, green is found to help hospital patients to recover for a shorter amount of time. But what about the other colours what is their power?

Primary Colours

The three primary colours in interior design are red, blue and yellow. They are called primary since when combined they create other colours.


Red is a really bold tone. It has the ability to evoke powerful emotions like anger or passions. That is why it should not be used in many rooms. However, it will work great in your kitchen. Red will increase your appetite and make you enjoy food more than any other colour. Well, that can be a problem for people who are on a diet.


Although this colour looks really warm and cheerful it can make you nervous or cause eye strain and fatigue. Therefore, avoid using it in baby rooms since it will only make children cry more than they already do.


Looking for colour for your office? Blue is the one! It is one of the most productive colours, yet it is also very calming and relaxing.

Accent Colours

Accent colours are made of two or three of the primary colours. As a result, they vary more in intensity and have more nuances.


Many people paint their bedroom in purple, but this colour is more suitable for the living room. Like blue, it creates a very serene atmosphere. However, it also creates a feeling of wealth, success and wisdom. These three things will surely impress your guests.


Again, not appropriate for your bedroom. While most women adore it, men find it intimidating. It is better if you use it in a girl’s room. It gives a sense of warmth, gentleness, cheerfulness and happiness. That will definitely suit a little princess.


As it was already mentioned, green will have an amazing effect on your health. Also, it will make you relax more easily and quickly. Where do you most need these two things? In your bedroom, of course!


If you want to feel free and pure, have a room in white. The best thing about thing colours is that it creates the illusion that a room is bigger than it actually is.

Brown and Orange

Try not to use these colours too much. Do not paint an entire room in them. Brown is too boring and practical and it may hinder your creativity of reduce your energy. Orange, on the other hand, is perceived by the brain as a sign of emergency. However, if you are a big fan of this colour, you can use it in your office where it will give you a boost of energy every time you look at it.


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