Home Interior Design Trends for Spring 2013


As soon as spring arrives, interior designers start to experiment with bold and bright colours, patterns and prints. Spring 2013 will not break this tradition with a lack of interior design trends. However, it will offer something new and fresh that will invite the lively season into your home.

Top Colours

You may have heard that the décor colour of 2013 is emerald. As such, this tone will be often seen this spring. What better time to welcome emerald into your life? However, make sure you use it only as a statement colour and included only in the main decorations and pieces in your house.

Pastels will also be quite popular as interior design trends this spring. They will add some softness to your home and make you feel more relaxed and calm. Hit pastels will be cool mint, lemon yellow, peach, powder blue and pretty pink. But don’t go to crazy with these shades. Mix them with black and grey to create a more sophisticated look.

Natural Materials

Spring 2013 will be all about nature! That will be particularly obvious in surfaces and décor materials. Rattan and wood will be widely used in interior decoration during this season. But they will only be stained and not painted.

Brass & Copper

These metallics will complete any decoration item in your house. You can use them on lamps, mirrors or even as colour tones. Copper will establish a comfy atmosphere in your home, while brass will make a powerful statement. What you should know about copper and brass is that combine perfectly with emerald.

Florals & Animal Prints

No surprise here! Spring seems to go hand in hand with floral ornaments and animal prints. That is because both of them give a lively feeling that is usually missing in winter interiors. But in this spring you are allowed to a go a little crazy or even overboard. The interesting thing about animal prints is that they will no longer be limited to only zebra and leopard prints. Now they will also include actual images and shapes of animals. So if you are looking for a new décor idea for a kid’s room try this one out!

Graphic Patters

The craziness of animal prints and colourful florals will be juxtaposed with more organized patterns like stripes, for example. However, they will be very bold both in terms of size and shape.

Metropolitan Style

This modern and chic style will add some class to your home. It will bring the big city into your everyday life. This interior design style managed to win the hearts of many over the past few years. What is characteristic about it is that it mixes the modern and classic elements in a unique way. It is glamorous, yet practical. The Metropolitan design is not a typical spring trend and is what makes it so good.


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