Eau de Pizza Hut: Pepperoni Desire


Pizza Hut launched a new perfume that smells like freshly baked, hand-tossed dough –maybe a new route to a man’s heart? If your man loves eating or enjoys cooking, or admires your or his mother’s cooking, or he simply loves Pizza, he may be the right candidate for an unique Pizza Hut perfume as a Christmas gift. Shortly, now pizza fans should support the opportunity to enjoy the smell of Pizza Hut everywhere they go!

Pizza Hut Canada launched a limited edition of Eau de Pizza Hut to commemorate its Facebook page, reaching 100,000 fans. The cheeky new scent lived too shortly, as Pizza Hut Canada produced only 110 bottles that were gifted to the first lucky 110 Facebook fans who wanted that perfume. According to the Facebook page, the incredibly weird perfume smells like a box of Pizza Hut pizza that has just been opened. If you are an Italian celebrity chef, Eau de Pizza Hut may actually boost or help perserving your image.

It all began with a joke on the social network. The marketing division of Pizza Hut, Grip Ltd., suggested the arrival of pizza-flavoured perfume and asked the fans how they would name it. Some people on the social network apparently liked the idea of food-smelling scent, so Pizza Hut decided to give it try.

The marketing director Beverly D’Cruz explained the processing of the scent was neither easy, nor as tasty as the final product. She said the chain wasn’t planning to produce and market Eau de Pizza Hut en masse. The tasty perfume, however, it may turn into a real hit. According to Pizza Hut Canada’s Facebook wall, many fans write they would do anything to get a bottle. Who knows, if there is a hunger for it, the chain may consider a mass production and a serious marketing campaign.

Actually, Pizza Hut Canada’s Eau de Pizza Hut is not an innovation! In 2008, Burger King introduced their scent called Flame and sold it for $3.99 per bottle. The body spray Flame smelled like flame-broiled burger and was successful at some point. Now, Pizza Hut takes a shot with the dough-flavoured perfume.

Surely, a perfume named after Dubai would be incredibly successful among all residents and tourists who visit the city. Perhaps, following Pizza Hut’s example may pay dividends to some entrepreneurs!


  1. HAHAHA.. whoever wrote this…. the article takes the biggest nose dive at the end… sorry but a scent named after dubai? What would it smell like? LOOOOL I DONT EVEN WANNA THINK ABOUT IT!!


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