Gossip Girl returns to Dubai


The 6th and final season of the popular TV series will start soon. Spoiler alert! There are some scenes taken in the UAE.

Viewers will see a lot of Dubai in the last season of the Gossip Girl., while the TV drama will again focus on the lives of its rich Manhattan characters.

After half a decade of family intrigues, deception, unhappy love, fabrications and high-end style, the series are ready to step off the stage with the 6th season.

The first episode of the last season is called “Gone Maybe Gone” .

Gossip Girl’s 6th season will be shown on the small screens across the UAE starting next week. Fans of the show will be pleased to find that one of scenes in the show was shot in Dubai. Hopefully, the local TV channel will show mercy to its views and include fewer adds then in its previous airings of the Gossip Girl.

The storyline tells how Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) goes to Dubai to find more about a business agreement which his “revived” father made. There he comes across at an old female friend of his dad called Amira Abbas. The new character is played by actress Andrea Gabriel which previously starred in hit TV show Lost.

Most probably this part was not recorded in Dubai. However, viewers will see how Chuck and Amira are in a tower which is said to be on The Palm and it has a view of Burj Khalifa.

In the episode Chuck shares with Lily that he found the city “fascinating”. He then adds that Dubai is looking towards the future, but it also preserves the past.

Chuck’s goal is to take the crown from his father as chief of Bass Industries. He wants to revenge his dad for his embarrassing reduction in the ranks of the company which happened in the final episodes of the last season. Chuck wants the assistance of Amira, a businesswoman living in Dubai, in order to learn more about his father’s past.

Amira is a mysterious character who may have a key role in this season’s story.

The first episode will also show how Nate, Chuck and Blair are trying to find Serena (Blake Lively). She is now living in the country under the name Sabrina. Dan and Georgina unite to write a book that will reveal all dirty secrets. Also, Lily and Bart get back together and Rufus finds love with Ivy.

Season 6 of hit TV series Gossip Girl will premiere on Dubai One at 9am on October 14 (Sunday).

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