Milan Fashion Week: Spring / Summer 2013


Italian designers abandon the well-beaten path during Milan Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2013

Two of the biggest fashion events of the year already took place in New York and London. This week is time for Milan to show off its classy designers and their ideas for Spring-Summer 2013 fashion trends. Milan Fashion Week just started and in the next few days over 60 Italian designers will offer their visions for the warm 2013 seasons. Among them are names like Armani, Versace, Gucci, Prada, Fendi and Dolce & Gabana.

So far the event is going quite promising. What we can say after the first runway shows in Milan is that this year Italian designers are being a little unfaithful to some of their trademarks.

A New Breed of Italian Fashion

At this year’s Milan Fashion Week we can see a new tendency – the well-known sexy Italian outfits are becoming more romantic. The trousers and dresses are longer and looser. The fabrics are lighter and include elements from sequin and lace. Ferretti’s collection, for example, looked very sophisticated and even dreamy. Many of his outfits included nude tulle. The transparency of the material revealed the skin of the models, who resembled fairy mermaids.

Gervasio also added to the romantic vibe. His evening vision consisted mainly of long pleated dresses and skirts that flowed under the rhythm of the show’s music.

The colours had pastel shades like ivory and soft pink.

Night Turns into Day

 However, the romantic vision and the pastel colours were only present in the evening outfits. The daylight gowns were quite different. As a start, their colours were much bolder. Gucci offered the most extreme nuances of all the other designers. The fashion house collection was dominated by colours like coral, mustard yellow, kiwi green and even fuchsia. Ferretti also staked heavily on bright colours. Their collection shined with a variety of shades which consisted of sea green, pearly white and Mediterranean blue.

Many daylight outfits had prints which varied from floral (Gucci) to graphic (Mila Schon). In addition, the fabrics were much heavier than the ones of the evening gowns.


This year in Milan designers chose to make the shoes to go with the bags. In addition, these accessories often included some elements of the outfits. The footwear was mainly high heels – another Italian trademark. There were also some bold choices like Giannini’s plexiglass bag.

The jewelry was extremely oversized and it had a 70s vibe (Gucci). Other fashion week shows this year also offered similar visions, especially in terms of rings. Therefore, we can say that Spring-Summer 2013 will certainly include some heavy jewelry!

The model’s hairstyles were simple. The hair was either long or tucked behind the ears. That allowed outfits to shine a little more.

Milan Fashion Week will continue until 25 September. So far it doesn’t resemble the previous Italian fashion shows.


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