London Fashion Week: Summer / Summer 2013 Fashion Trends


Elegance and oceans with some hippie flowers in the hair are the upcoming fashion trends

Lodon Fashion Week offered a wide variety of visions, ideas and designs for summer season 2013. Here are the fashion trends that impressed us most.Printy London

British designers are famous with their love for prints. London Fashion Week perfectly illustrates that. On the London runways prints were bolder than even before. They represented entire landscapes in vivid colours. The prints were combined with more simple clothes in white colours.

Elegance Over Funky and Hippie

Many designers that were stigmatized as hippie or trashy showed a complete new style and elegance. One instance for that are Matthew Williamson’s clothes with Rajasthan mirror embroidery details and elements. His more funky designs were changed with elegant dresses and graphic patterns that reminded of the 1990s. Designers who followed this trend at LFW 2012 explained that they wanted to achieve new heights by this change of style.

The graphic pattern continued to shine throughout the show. A number of designers decided to turn back the time and lead us into the 1930s. They used diagonal checks and horizontal stripes to make silhouettes look slim.

The Rebels

Despite from all the chic and elegance, designers like Jasper Conran were not afraid to give reign to their hippier side. Conran’s collection showed appreciation to the 1970s style by mixing some leather with some denim.

Designer Todd Lynn surprised everyone with his collection which had no summer vibe. Moreover, it was rather dark and included red and yellow colours. The highlight in Lynn’s collection was the black dresses that even showed some flesh.

Todd Lynn’s vision largely contrasted with the ideas of the other designers. Icole Farhi, for example, went with warm and calming colours like umber and brown. However, because of these shades the clothes lacked some light and life. Farhi’s collection could be described as autumn amid summer.

Dive In

Some of the designers in London hinted on a new Summer 2013 trend – ocean life. “Ocean” clothes included prints with anchors and mermaids, as well as overalls, apron dresses and low-slung shorts. The ocean theme was also accompanied by cold blue and light turquoise nuances.

Floral Motifs

Another theme also captivated the audience attention – the Garden of Eden. That was the inspiration of Daniella Helayel who used lots of flowers and leaves in the Issa collection. The designer impressed with elegant long dresses in one vivid colours.

The Disappointments

Well, there were of course some disappointments. Some fashion designers decided to present oversized dresses and coats, which despite being transparent were unattractive. In addition, many designers failed to show their imagination and offered only clothes in balck, white, yellow and bright navy. We won’t mention any names here…


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