Style Forward: Spring / Summer 2013 Fashion Trends


New York Fashion Week – Let’s outline Fashion Trends for Spring / Summer 2013

It’s official – New York Fashion Week has started! Fashionistas are buzzing to see the fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2013. Designers are ready to show off their newest collections and celebrities have cleared out their busy schedules in order to attend one of the biggest fashion events of the year.

The Fashion Week in the Big Apple is just starting but one thing is already clear – the spring and summer fashion trends will be classy, chic but with an edge.

Good Girl with a an Edge

The fabrics at this year’s NY Fashion Week seem to very be well-balanced. Their softness makes the silhouettes more fluid and the tough materials and graphic patterns give the clothes some sharpness. Next year’s trends unite the good and the bad girl in one! The good girl is represented by lace and the bad – by leather of course. For fashion season 2013 designers have prepared stunning pieces of art that successfully combine the two materials.

Ready for the Red Carper?

The runway was also taken over by long and fairy dresses of silk chiffon. They, again, gave a light and fluid sense which made models look like sea creatures. The colours of the dresses included red, cream and blue. The femininity of the outfits was even further emphasized by lace elements.

Prints Stay

Like in 2012, in Spring/Summer 2013 the focus on prints continues. Designers again decided to mix things up a bit. Many of them used power print fabrics, like quilted fabrics, and combined them with bright and sunny colours like chartreuse, pink and coral.

Sporty 60s

The most interesting trend that was spotted at the start of NYFW was the sporty 60s style. Spring 2013 will be dominated by outfits inspired by the 60s retro fashion in sports like badminton. The colours are quite basic – red, white, blue and, the star of the show, oatmeal. Outfits with geometric prints and hand-knit elements are a common sight on this year’s New York runways. We can also announce the comeback of the printed skinny trousers and jacquards skirts!

Shoes and Accessories

Just like the outfits, the accessories and the shoes are both sexy and stylish. Ankle-cuff round-toe pumps seem to be the designers’ favourites now. However, the colours of the accessories are not contrasting with the outfits like it was the case with the last few seasons. The tendency during the first day at NY Fashion Week in the accessory department included mostly shoes and bags that matched the outfit.

These seem to be the main trends at New York Fashion Week… for now! Remember that this is only the beginning. There still a lot more to come!


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